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Senator Flores, District 39 — Press Release


April 2, 2013

CONTACT: Sean Nixon,


TALLAHASSEE – State Senator Dwight Bullard (D-39), and State Representative Cynthia Stafford (D-109), met today to discuss vital gun law proposals in the 2013 legislative session.

“In my district is a community, there are members who feel as though they live in Beirut with regards to their level of safety,” Sen. Bullard stated. “We have those who live in virtual food deserts and don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, but they have access to military-grade style bullets.”

Representative Stafford stressed the need to address gun law control, including Florida’s current Stand Your Ground, which gained national attention to during the Trayvon Martin shooting last year. “Senate Bill 362 will help to eliminate the assumptions that have proven deadly in the past.  There must be an overt act that places a person in reasonable fear of death or bodily harm,” Representative Stafford stated.

Former Florida House Representative Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall who worked on previous gun legislation in the House released a statement in conjunction with the press conference, “I give my unmitigated support to Senator Bullard and Representative Stafford’s legislation. Their resolve to continue this worthy struggle in the midst of numerous tragedies is admirable and fitting of the people they represent.” Sen. Bullard along with legislators in both the House and Senate have made numerous proposals to curb gun violence in the state.  However many of the proposals have yet to make it to their respective committees for a vote at this time.