CS for CS for SB 114                       First Engrossed (ntc)
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to transportation facility
    3         designations; providing honorary designations of
    4         various transportation facilities in specified
    5         counties; directing the Department of Transportation
    6         to erect suitable markers; amending chapter 26497,
    7         Laws of Florida, 1951; revising the name of an
    8         honorary designation of a transportation facility in a
    9         specified county; amending chapter 2014-228, Laws of
   10         Florida; revising the name of an honorary designation
   11         of a transportation facility in a specified county;
   12         providing an effective date.
   14  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   16         Section 1. Transportation facility designations; Department
   17  of Transportation to erect suitable markers.—
   18         (1) Upon completion of replacement construction, bridge
   19  number 380096 on U.S. 221/S.R. 55 over the Econfina River in
   20  Taylor County is designated as “Private First Class Joey Moody
   21  Bridge.”
   22         (2) That portion of S.R. 80 between Hickey Creek Road and
   23  Carter Lane in Lee County is designated as “Corporal Joseph R.
   24  Bertrand Memorial Highway.”
   25         (3) That portion of Interstate 75/S.R. 93A between Fowler
   26  Avenue and Fletcher Avenue in Hillsborough County is designated
   27  as “Lieutenant Benedict J. Thomas Memorial Highway.”
   28         (4) That portion of the Homestead Extension of the Florida
   29  Turnpike/S.R. 821 between mile marker 34 and mile marker 36 in
   30  Miami-Dade County is designated as “Trooper Patrick Ambroise
   31  Memorial Highway.”
   32         (5) That portion of U.S. 98/S.R. 30 between Ryan Drive/W.
   33  11th Street and N.E./S.E. 12th Street in Franklin County is
   34  designated as “SP4 Robert Clifford Millender Memorial Highway.”
   35         (6) That portion of U.S. 1/S.R. 5/N. Federal Highway
   36  between S.R. 842/Broward Boulevard and S.R. 838/Sunrise
   37  Boulevard in Broward County is designated as “The Hope and
   38  Healing Highway.”
   39         (7) That portion of S.R. 371/373/Orange Avenue between S.R.
   40  263/Capital Circle and S.R. 61/Monroe Street in Leon County is
   41  designated as “C.K. Steele Memorial Highway.”
   42         (8) That portion of U.S. 90/S.R. 10 between N. Woodward
   43  Avenue and Wadsworth Street in Leon County is designated as
   44  “Danny A. Pino Way.”
   45         (9) That portion of U.S. 1/S.R. 15 between 5th Avenue and
   46  C.R. 108 in Nassau County is designated as “Emmitt G. Coakley
   47  Memorial Highway.”
   48         (10) That portion of Interstate 95/S.R. 9 between West
   49  Broward Boulevard/S.R. 842 and West Sunrise Boulevard/S.R. 838
   50  in Broward County is designated as “Potter’s Field Memorial
   51  Highway.”
   52         (11) That portion of S.R. 60 between the Hillsborough
   53  County line and Mandalay Avenue in Pinellas County is designated
   54  as “Purple Heart Trail.”
   55         (12) That portion of S.R. 35/N.E. 58th Avenue between C.R.
   56  314/N.E. 7th Street and S.E. 20th Street in Marion County is
   57  designated as “Elizabeth Inez and Elijah Davis Highway.”
   58         (13) That portion of Golden Gate Parkway between U.S.
   59  41/S.R. 45/Tamiami Trail and C.R. 851 in Collier County is
   60  designated as “Mary Ellen Hawkins Street.”
   61         (14) That portion of S.R. 368 between U.S. 98/S.R. 30 and
   62  S.R. 390 in Bay County is designated as “Col. William W. Wood
   63  Memorial Highway.”
   64         (15) That portion of C.R. 435/Apopka Vineland Road between
   65  Old Winter Garden Road and C.R. 439/Conroy-Windermere Road in
   66  Orange County is designated as “Deputy Scott Pine Way.”
   67         (16) That portion of East Street between E. Twiggs Street
   68  and U.S. 41B/S.R. 60/E. Kennedy Boulevard in Hillsborough County
   69  is designated as “Pat Frank Road.”
   70         (17) That portion of N. Franklin Street between E. Twiggs
   71  Street and U.S. 41B/S.R. 60/E. Kennedy Boulevard in Hillsborough
   72  County is designated as “Sandra Warshaw Freedman Street.”
   73         (18) That portion of Davis Boulevard between Adalia Avenue
   74  and Adriatic Avenue in Hillsborough County is designated as
   75  “Helen Gordon Davis Boulevard.”
   76         (19) That portion of N. Willow Avenue between W. Cypress
   77  Street and W. Cass Street in Hillsborough County is designated
   78  as “Francisco Rodriguez Avenue.”
   79         (20) That portion of N. Garcia Avenue between W. Palm
   80  Avenue and W. Ross Avenue in Hillsborough County is designated
   81  as “Olympian Theresa Manuel Way.”
   82         (21) That portion of U.S. 19A/S.R. 595/5th Avenue N.
   83  between 25th Street N. and 28th Street N. in Pinellas County is
   84  designated as “Vyrle Davis Avenue.”
   85         (22) That portion of S.R. 973/87th Avenue between S.R.
   86  94/Kendall Drive and S.W. 92nd Street in Miami-Dade County is
   87  designated as “Lee Klein Way.”
   88         (23) That portion of S.R. 19 between S.R. 50 and C.R.
   89  478/Cherry Lake Road in Lake County is designated as “Sergeant
   90  Marvin L. Roberts Memorial Highway.”
   91         (24) That portion of U.S. 17/S.R. 15 between Golden Hills
   92  Boulevard and Lake Winona Road in Volusia County is designated
   93  as “John Jacob ‘JJ’ Curry Memorial Highway.”
   94         (25) That portion of the San Juan Street Extension in
   95  Anastasia State Park between Santander Street and Park Road in
   96  St. Johns County is designated as “Nona and Popa Road.”
   97         (26) The pair of bridges, bridge numbers 900110 and 900111,
   98  over Pine Channel on U.S. 1/S.R. 5 in Monroe County are
   99  designated as the “Irene U. Hooper Memorial Bridges.”
  100         (27) That portion of S.R. 922 from N.E. 10th Avenue east to
  101  the North Miami City Limits in Miami-Dade County is designated
  102  as “Stanley G. Tate Boulevard.”
  103         (28) That portion of Miami Avenue between N.E. 5th Street
  104  and U.S. 41/S.R. 90/S.E. 7th Street in Miami-Dade County is
  105  designated as “Robert L. Shevin Memorial Boulevard.”
  106         (29) That portion of S.R. 53 from U.S. 90 to the Georgia
  107  state line in Madison County is designated as “Joe C. Peavy
  108  Highway.”
  109         (30) Bridge number 870054 on S.R. 112/W. 41st Street/Arthur
  110  Godfrey Road in Miami Beach is designated as the “Senator Paul
  111  B. Steinberg Bridge.”
  112         (31) The northbound terminus of S.R. 30-A at East U.S.
  113  98/S.R. 30 in Gulf County is designated as “Dr. Pat’s Alley.”
  114         (32) That portion of S.R. 519/Fiske Boulevard located
  115  within the corporate limits of the City of Rockledge in Brevard
  116  County is designated as “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial
  117  Highway.”
  118         (33) The Department of Transportation is directed to erect
  119  suitable markers designating the transportation facilities as
  120  described in this section.
  121         Section 2. Section 1 of chapter 26497, Laws of Florida,
  122  1951, is amended to read:
  123         Section 1. That the following described route be and the
  124  same is hereby declared, designated and established as a State
  125  Road, forming a part of the connecting system of the State of
  126  Florida, and shall be known as the SHEPARD BROAD CAUSEWAY
  128         Beginning at the intersection of State Road AIA and 96th
  129  Street in Dade County, Florida, and running in a Westerly
  130  direction, as near as possible in a direct line, through the
  131  Town of Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, across Broad Causeway,
  132  spanning Biscayne Bay, and through the Town of North Miami,
  133  Florida, to the point where such highway shall intersect with
  134  State Road Number 7, along the most practicable and feasible
  135  route to be determined by the State Road Department.
  136         Section 3. Section 1 of chapter 2014-228, Laws of Florida,
  137  is amended to read:
  138         Section 1. Senator Larcenia J. Bullard Way designated;
  139  Department of Transportation to erect suitable markers.—
  140         (1) That portion of S.R. 992/152nd Street between U.S. 1
  141  and 117th Avenue in Miami-Dade County is designated as “Senator
  142  Larcenia J. Bullard Way.”
  143         (2) The Department of Transportation is directed to erect
  144  suitable markers designating Senator Larcenia J. Bullard Way as
  145  described in subsection (1).
  146         Section 4. This act shall take effect July 1, 2016.