Florida Senate - 2018                                Committee       Amendment
SPB2500                                                 AHS              26

The Committee on Appropriations (Flores) recommended the following 

Section: 03              EXPLANATION:

On Page: 051             Adds proviso to earmark $1 million of AHCA's 
                         contracted services for the Florida Medical Schools 
Spec App:  187           Quality Network to develop quality metrics for 
                         Medicaid eligible persons.

NET IMPACT ON:            Total Funds       General Revenue          Trust Funds
    Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 
Non-Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 

                                               Positions & Amount   Positions & Amount
                                                     DELETE         INSERT

        Program: Health Care Services
        Executive Direction And Support Services  68500200

        In Section 03  On Page 051
187     Special Categories  100777
        Contracted Services  IOEA

At the end of existing proviso language, following Specific 
Appropriation 187, INSERT:

From the funds in Specific Appropriation 187, $500,000 in Grants and 
Donations Trust Fund and $500,000 from the Medical Care Trust Fund may 
be used by the Agency for Health Care Administration to contract with 
the Florida Medical Schools Quality Network created under section 
409.975(2), Florida Statutes, to develop quality metrics for Medicaid 
eligible persons, which are Application Programming Interface (API) 
compatible with the agency and Medicaid managed care organizations and 
quality initiatives pursuant to section 409.975, Florida Statutes.

 995126  Log:0060  TMK/TMK           01/29/18 07:35:36 PM  Senate  Page: 1