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2010 Florida Statutes

Commissioner of Insurance Regulation; powers in a state of emergency.
F.S. 252.63

Commissioner of Insurance Regulation; powers in a state of emergency.


When the Governor declares a state of emergency pursuant to s. 252.36, the commissioner may issue one or more general orders applicable to all insurance companies, entities, and persons, as defined in s. 624.04, that are subject to the Florida Insurance Code and that serve any portion of the area of the state under the state of emergency.


An order issued by the commissioner under this section becomes effective upon issuance and continues for 120 days unless terminated sooner by the commissioner. The commissioner may extend an order for one additional period of 120 days if he or she determines that the emergency conditions that gave rise to the initial order still exist. By concurrent resolution, the Legislature may terminate any order issued under this section.


The commissioner shall publish in the next available publication of the Florida Administrative Weekly a copy of the text of any order issued under this section, together with a statement describing the modification or suspension and explaining how the modification or suspension will facilitate recovery from the emergency.


s. 6, ch. 2006-12.