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2010 Florida Statutes

Appointment of district engineer; engineer’s duties.
F.S. 298.16

Appointment of district engineer; engineer’s duties.


Within 30 days after organizing, the board of supervisors shall appoint a district engineer, who may be an individual, copartnership, or corporation, and who shall engage such assistants as the board of supervisors may approve. Such district engineer shall faithfully and honestly perform all the duties required of him or her by said supervisors, and deliver to his or her successor all instruments, papers, maps, documents, and other things that may have come into the district engineer’s hands by virtue of his or her employment.


The district engineer shall have control of the engineering work in said district and may, whenever he or she deems it necessary, confer with the jurisdictional water management district, and he or she may, by and with the consent of the board of supervisors, consult any eminent engineer and obtain his or her opinion and advice concerning the reclamation of lands in said districts. The said engineer shall make all necessary surveys of the lands within the boundary lines of said district, as described in the petition, and of all lands adjacent thereto that will be improved or reclaimed in part or in whole by any system of drainage that may be outlined and adopted.


The engineer shall make a report in writing to the board of supervisors, with maps and profiles of said surveys, which report shall contain a full and complete water control plan for draining and reclaiming the lands described in the petition, or adjacent thereto, from overflow or damage by water, with the length, width, and depth of such canals, ditches, dikes or levees, or other works that may be necessary, in conjunction with any canals, drains, ditches, dikes, levees or other works heretofore constructed or built by the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, or any other person, that may now be in process of construction, or which may be hereafter built by them, that may be necessary or which can be advantageously used in such water control plan; and also, an estimate of the costs of carrying out and completing the water control plan, including the cost of superintending the same and all incidental expenses in connection therewith. Maps and profiles shall also indicate so far as necessary the physical characteristics of the lands, and location of any public roads, railroads and other rights-of-way, roadways and other property or improvements located on such lands. A copy of the report required by this section shall be filed with the jurisdictional water management district.


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