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2010 Florida Statutes

Uniform initial acreage assessment for payment of expenses.
F.S. 298.349

Uniform initial acreage assessment for payment of expenses.

There is levied upon each acre of land within a water control district created on or after July 1, 1997, a uniform initial assessment of $50 per acre for the year in which the district is created, to be used by the district, through its board of supervisors, for the purpose of district administration, paying expenses incurred or to be incurred in making surveys of the lands in the district, assessing benefits and damages, and other expenses necessarily incurred, as estimated or determined by the board of supervisors, before the board collects or receives funds under the remaining provisions of this chapter. The assessment constitutes a lien upon the lands in the district from the effective date of the special act creating the district and must be collected by the district. If the board of supervisors determines that it is necessary to obtain funds to pay any expenses incurred or to be incurred in organizing the district, or any other expenses relating to the conduct and operation of the district, before a sufficient sum can be obtained by collecting the acreage assessment levied by this section, the board may borrow a sufficient sum of money for any of those purposes, may issue notes or bonds therefor, and may pledge any and all assessments of the initial acreage assessment levied under the provisions of this section for the repayment thereof. The board of supervisors may issue notes or bonds to any person or persons performing work or services or furnishing anything of value in the organization of the district or for any other expenses necessarily incurred before the receipt of funds arising from assessments or benefits.


s. 20, ch. 97-40.