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2010 Florida Statutes

Lands belonging to state assessed; drainage tax record.
F.S. 298.36

Lands belonging to state assessed; drainage tax record.


The benefits, and all lands in said district belonging to the state, shall be assessed to, and the taxes thereon shall be paid by, the state out of funds on hand, or which may hereafter be obtained, derived from the sale of lands belonging to the state. This provision shall apply to all taxes in any district including maintenance and ad valorem taxes, either levied under this or any other law, and to taxes assessed for preliminary work and expenses, as provided in s. 298.349, as well as to the taxes provided for in this section.


The secretary of the board of supervisors, as soon as said total tax is levied, shall, at the expense of the district, prepare a list of all taxes levied, in the form of a well-bound book, which book shall be endorsed and named “DRAINAGE TAX RECORD OF   WATER CONTROL DISTRICT   COUNTY, FLORIDA,” which endorsement shall be printed or written at the top of each page in said book, and shall be signed and certified by the president and secretary of the board of supervisors, attested by the seal of the district, and the same shall thereafter become a permanent record in the office of said secretary.


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