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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

Sale of bonds and disposition of proceeds.
F.S. 298.48

Sale of bonds and disposition of proceeds.

The bonds shall not be sold for less than 95 cents on the dollar, with accrued interest, shall show on their face the purpose for which they are issued, and shall be payable out of money derived from the aforesaid taxes. The said treasurer shall promptly report all sales of bonds to the board of supervisors, which board shall at reasonable times thereafter, prepare and issue warrants in substantially the forms provided in s. 298.17 for the payment of the maturing bonds so sold and the interest payments coming due on all bonds sold. Each of said warrants shall specify what bonds and accruing interest it is to pay, and the said treasurer shall place sufficient funds at the place of payment to pay the maturing bonds and coupons when due, as well as a reasonable compensation to the bank or trust company for paying same. The successor in office of any such treasurer shall not be entitled to said bonds or the proceeds thereof until the successor shall have complied with all the foregoing provisions applicable to his or her predecessor in office. The funds derived from the sale of said bonds or any of them shall be used for the purpose of paying the cost of the drainage works and improvements and such costs, expenses, fees, and salaries as may be authorized by law and used for no other purpose.


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