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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

Rights and liabilities, additional; merchant’s liability.
F.S. 686.506

Rights and liabilities, additional; merchant’s liability.


The rights and liabilities created by ss. 686.501-686.506 shall be construed to be in addition to and not in substitution, exclusion, or displacement of other rights and liabilities provided by law, including the law of principal and agent except where the construction would, as a matter of law, be unreasonable.


An art dealer who, as buyer, is excluded from obtaining the benefits of an express warranty under ss. 686.501-686.506 shall not be deprived of the benefits of any other provisions of law.


An art dealer whose warranty of authenticity of authorship was made in good faith shall not be liable for damages beyond the return of the purchase price which he or she received, together with any attorney’s fees and costs incurred by reason of the art dealer’s refusal to comply with ss. 686.501-686.506.


Any person who violates ss. 686.501-686.506 is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.


Nothing in ss. 686.501-686.506 shall apply to any work of art, when offered for sale or sold at wholesale or retail, framed or unframed, at a price of $100 or less.


Nothing in ss. 686.501-686.506 shall apply to works of art sold by artists who produce the same directly to a consumer, without the intervention of a wholesale or retail art dealer.


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