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The Florida Senate

2011 Florida Statutes

F.S. 255.042
255.042 Shelter in public buildings.
(1) It shall be the policy of the state that fallout protection be incorporated to the fullest practical extent in all public buildings of the state and its political subdivisions, which would have a floor area capable of sheltering 100 or more persons in order to provide protection against radiation hazards for the greatest number of persons, including employees of state and local government, in the event of nuclear attack.
(2) Every officer, department, board, agency or commission of the state, or of the political subdivisions thereof, responsible for the preparation of, or contracting for, plans and specifications for new public buildings, or for the substantial modification of or additions to existing public buildings, may require that the architect, architect-engineer firm, or other person or persons involved in the design of such buildings, provide a minimum protection factor of 40-to-1 or such protection as is possible within available funds in such design, or provide for consideration at the same time as the basic plan, alternate plans affording this protection.
(3) The Division of Emergency Management shall, in those cases in which the architect-engineer firm does not possess the specialized training required for the inclusion of fallout protection in building design and upon request from the architect-engineer concerned or the responsible state or local agency, provide, at no cost to the architect-engineer or agency, professional development service to increase fallout protection through shelter slanting and cost-reduction techniques.
(4) Nothing in this section establishes a mandatory requirement for the incorporation of fallout shelter in the construction of, modification of, or addition to the public buildings concerned. It is mandatory, however, that the incorporation of such protection be given every consideration through acceptable shelter slanting and cost-reduction techniques. The responsible state or local official shall determine whether cost, or other related factors, precludes or makes impracticable the incorporation of fallout shelter in public buildings. Further, the Division of Emergency Management may waive the requirement for consideration of shelter in those cases where presently available shelter spaces equal or exceed the requirements of the area concerned.
(5) Nothing in this act shall apply to school buildings erected by the school board.
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