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2011 Florida Statutes

No facility constructed or leased without life-cycle costs.
F.S. 255.254
255.254 No facility constructed or leased without life-cycle costs.
(1) No state agency shall lease, construct, or have constructed, within limits prescribed in this section, a facility without having secured from the department an evaluation of life-cycle costs based on sustainable building ratings. Furthermore, construction shall proceed only upon disclosing to the department, for the facility chosen, the life-cycle costs as determined in s. 255.255, the facility‚Äôs sustainable building rating goal, and the capitalization of the initial construction costs of the building. The life-cycle costs and the sustainable building rating goal shall be primary considerations in the selection of a building design. For leased buildings more than 5,000 square feet in area within a given building boundary, an energy performance analysis consisting of a projection of the annual energy consumption costs in dollars per square foot of major energy-consuming equipment and systems based on actual expenses from the last 3 years and projected forward for the term of the proposed lease shall be performed. The lease shall only be made where there is a showing that the energy costs incurred by the state are minimal compared to available like facilities. A lease agreement for any building leased by the state from a private sector entity shall include provisions for monthly energy use data to be collected and submitted monthly to the department by the owner of the building.
(2) On and after January 1, 1979, no state agency shall initiate construction or have construction initiated, prior to approval thereof by the department, on a facility or self-contained unit of any facility, the design and construction of which incorporates or contemplates the use of an energy system other than a solar energy system when the life-cycle costs analysis prepared by the department has determined that a solar energy system is the most cost-efficient energy system for the facility or unit.
(3) After September 30, 1985, when any state agency must replace or supplement major items of energy-consuming equipment in existing state-owned or leased facilities or any self-contained unit of any facility with other major items of energy-consuming equipment, the selection of such items shall be made on the basis of a life-cycle cost analysis of alternatives in accordance with rules promulgated by the department under s. 255.255.
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