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The Florida Senate

2011 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

99 Sections found

Chapter Title
944.01 Short title.
944.012 Legislative intent.
944.02 Definitions.
944.023 Comprehensive correctional master plan.
944.0231 Reduction of capacity.
944.024 Adult intake and evaluation.
944.026 Community-based facilities and programs.
944.033 Community correctional centers; existence; location; purpose; restriction.
944.053 Forestry Work Camps.
944.0611 Department employees; personal vehicle damage claims.
944.08 Commitment to custody of department; venue of institutions.
944.09 Rules of the department; offenders, probationers, and parolees.
944.091 United States prisoners, board authorized.
944.095 Siting of additional correctional facilities; procedure.
944.096 Budget requests for residential facility construction; estimates; appropriations; population in excess of capacity.
944.10 Department of Corrections to provide buildings; sale and purchase of land; contracts to provide services and inmate labor.
944.105 Contractual arrangements with private entities for operation and maintenance of correctional facilities and supervision of inmates.
944.11 Department to regulate admission of books.
944.115 Smoking prohibited inside state correctional facilities.
944.14 Supervision of correctional institutions; enforcement of orders and regulations.
944.151 Security of correctional institutions and facilities.
944.17 Commitments and classification; transfers.
944.171 Housing of inmates.
944.1905 Initial inmate classification; inmate reclassification.
944.23 Persons authorized to visit state prisons.
944.24 Administration of correctional institutions for women.
944.275 Gain-time.
944.278 Cancellation of administrative gain-time and provisional credits.
944.279 Disciplinary procedures applicable to prisoner for filing frivolous or malicious actions or bringing false information before court.
944.28 Forfeiture of gain-time and the right to earn gain-time in the future.
944.281 Ineligibility to earn gain-time due to disciplinary action.
944.282 Rules governing inmate use of weight training equipment.
944.291 Prisoner released by reason of gain-time allowances or attainment of provisional release date.
944.292 Suspension of civil rights.
944.31 Inspector general; inspectors; power and duties.
944.32 Reports of prison inspectors; recordation; inspection.
944.33 Failure of inspector to make report; false report; penalty.
944.331 Inmate grievance procedure.
944.35 Authorized use of force; malicious battery and sexual misconduct prohibited; reporting required; penalties.
944.36 Permitting inmates to escape.
944.37 Acceptance of unauthorized compensation; penalty.
944.38 Acceptance of remuneration from contractor; dealing or barter with prisoners; interest in contract; penalty.
944.39 Interference with prisoners; penalty.
944.40 Escapes; penalty.
944.402 Reward for capture of escapee from correctional institution.
944.405 Warrant for retaking offender who has escaped from custody or absconded from rehabilitative community reentry program, or who is ineligible for release.
944.44 Holding persons as hostages; penalty.
944.45 Mutiny, riot, strike; penalty.
944.46 Harboring, concealing, aiding escaped prisoners; penalty.
944.47 Introduction, removal, or possession of certain articles unlawful; penalty.
944.471 Short title.
944.472 Drug-free corrections; legislative findings and purposes.
944.473 Inmate substance abuse testing program.
944.4731 Addiction-Recovery Supervision Program.
944.474 Legislative intent; employee wellness program; drug and alcohol testing.
944.48 Service of sentence.
944.485 Subsistence fees with respect to certain prisoners; time of adoption; requirements.
944.512 State lien on proceeds from literary or other type of account of crime for which convicted.
944.516 Money or other property received for personal use or benefit of inmate; deposit; disposition of unclaimed trust funds.
944.52 Legal adviser.
944.596 Transfer of convicted foreign citizens or nationals under treaty.
944.597 Transportation and return of prisoners by private transport company.
944.602 Agency notification before release of mentally retarded inmates.
944.605 Inmate release; notification.
944.606 Sexual offenders; notification upon release.
944.607 Notification to Department of Law Enforcement of information on sexual offenders.
944.608 Notification to Department of Law Enforcement of information on career offenders.
944.609 Career offenders; notification upon release.
944.611 Legislative intent.
944.612 Definitions for s. 944.613.
944.613 Methods of transportation.
944.70 Conditions for release from incarceration.
944.701 Short title.
944.702 Legislative intent.
944.703 Eligible inmates.
944.7031 Eligible inmates released from private correctional facilities.
944.704 Staff who provide transition assistance; duties.
944.705 Release orientation program.
944.706 Basic release assistance.
944.7065 Transition course for inmates.
944.707 Postrelease special services; job placement services.
944.708 Rules.
944.710 Definitions of terms relating to private operation of state correctional facilities and s. 944.105.
944.711 Requests for proposals.
944.712 Bidder and private vendor qualifications.
944.713 Insurance against liability.
944.714 Quality assurance and standards of operation.
944.715 Delegation of authority.
944.716 Contract termination and control of a correctional facility by the department.
944.717 Conflicts of interest.
944.718 Withdrawal of request for proposals.
944.719 Adoption of rules, monitoring, and reporting.
944.72 Privately Operated Institutions Inmate Welfare Trust Fund.
944.801 Education for state prisoners.
944.802 Direct-support organization; definition; use of property; board of directors; audit.
944.803 Faith- and character-based programs.
944.8031 Inmate’s family visitation; legislative intent; minimum services provided to visitors; budget requests.
944.804 Elderly offenders correctional facilities program of 2000.
944.8041 Elderly offenders; annual review.