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The Florida Senate

2011 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

43 Sections found

Chapter Title
947.001 Short title.
947.002 Intent.
947.005 Definitions.
947.01 Parole Commission; creation; number of members.
947.02 Parole Commission; members, appointment.
947.021 Parole Commission; expedited appointments.
947.03 Commissioners; tenure and removal.
947.04 Organization of commission; officers; offices.
947.045 Federal Grants Trust Fund.
947.05 Seal.
947.06 Meeting; when commission may act.
947.07 Rules.
947.071 Rulemaking procedures; indexing of orders.
947.10 Business and political activity upon part of members and full-time employees of commission.
947.11 Legal adviser.
947.12 Members, employees, expenses.
947.13 Powers and duties of commission.
947.135 Mutual participation program.
947.1405 Conditional release program.
947.141 Violations of conditional release, control release, or conditional medical release or addiction-recovery supervision.
947.146 Control Release Authority.
947.147 Victim restitution as condition of control release.
947.149 Conditional medical release.
947.15 Reports.
947.16 Eligibility for parole; initial parole interviews; powers and duties of commission.
947.165 Objective parole guidelines.
947.168 Consideration for persons serving parole-eligible and parole-ineligible sentences.
947.172 Establishment of presumptive parole release date.
947.173 Review of presumptive parole release date.
947.174 Subsequent interviews.
947.1745 Establishment of effective parole release date.
947.1746 Establishment of effective parole release date.
947.1747 Community control as a special condition of parole.
947.18 Conditions of parole.
947.181 Victim restitution as condition of parole.
947.185 Application for mental retardation services as condition of parole.
947.19 Terms of parole.
947.20 Rules of commission.
947.21 Violations of parole.
947.22 Authority to arrest parole violators with or without warrant.
947.23 Action of commission upon arrest of parolee.
947.24 Discharge from parole supervision or release supervision.
947.26 Cooperation of custodian of prisoner; right of access.