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2013 Florida Statutes

Definitions of terms used in ss. 383.30-383.335.
F.S. 383.302
383.302 Definitions of terms used in ss. 383.30-383.335.As used in ss. 383.30-383.335, the term:
(1) “Agency” means the Agency for Health Care Administration.
(2) “Birth center” means any facility, institution, or place, which is not an ambulatory surgical center or a hospital or in a hospital, in which births are planned to occur away from the mother’s usual residence following a normal, uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancy.
(3) “Clinical staff” means individuals employed full time or part time by a birth center who are licensed or certified to provide care at childbirth.
(4) “Consultant” means a physician licensed pursuant to chapter 458 or chapter 459 who agrees to provide advice and services to a birth center and who either:
(a) Is certified or eligible for certification by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, or
(b) Has hospital obstetrical privileges.
(5) “Governing body” means any individual, group, corporation, or institution which is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of a birth center.
(6) “Governmental unit” means the state or any county, municipality, or other political subdivision or any department, division, board, or other agency of any of the foregoing.
(7) “Licensed facility” means a facility licensed in accordance with s. 383.305.
(8) “Low-risk pregnancy” means a pregnancy which is expected to result in an uncomplicated birth, as determined through risk criteria developed by rule of the department, and which is accompanied by adequate prenatal care.
(9) “Person” means any individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, association, institution, or joint stock association and means any legal successor of any of the foregoing.
(10) “Premises” means those buildings, beds, and facilities located at the main address of the licensee and all other buildings, beds, and facilities for the provision of maternity care located in such reasonable proximity to the main address of the licensee as to appear to the public to be under the dominion and control of the licensee. 3, 27, ch. 84-283; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 64, ch. 97-101; s. 7, ch. 98-171.