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The Florida Senate

2014 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

107 Sections found

Chapter Title
985.01 Purposes and intent.
985.02 Legislative intent for the juvenile justice system.
985.03 Definitions.
985.0301 Jurisdiction.
985.032 Legal representation for delinquency cases.
985.033 Right to counsel.
985.035 Opening hearings.
985.036 Rights of victims; juvenile proceedings.
985.037 Punishment for contempt of court; alternative sanctions.
985.039 Cost of supervision; cost of care.
985.04 Oaths; records; confidential information.
985.045 Court records.
985.046 Statewide information-sharing system; interagency workgroup.
985.047 Information systems.
985.101 Taking a child into custody.
985.11 Fingerprinting and photographing.
985.115 Release or delivery from custody.
985.12 Civil citation.
985.125 Prearrest or postarrest diversion programs.
985.13 Probable cause affidavits.
985.135 Juvenile assessment centers.
985.14 Intake and case management system.
985.145 Responsibilities of the department during intake; screenings and assessments.
985.15 Filing decisions.
985.155 Neighborhood restorative justice.
985.16 Community arbitration.
985.17 Prevention services.
985.18 Medical, psychiatric, psychological, substance abuse, and educational examination and treatment.
985.185 Evaluations for disposition.
985.19 Incompetency in juvenile delinquency cases.
985.195 Transfer to other treatment services.
985.24 Use of detention; prohibitions.
985.245 Risk assessment instrument.
985.25 Detention intake.
985.255 Detention criteria; detention hearing.
985.26 Length of detention.
985.265 Detention transfer and release; education; adult jails.
985.27 Postdisposition detention while awaiting commitment placement.
985.275 Detention of escapee or absconder on authority of the department.
985.318 Petition.
985.319 Process and service.
985.325 Threatening or dismissing an employee prohibited.
985.331 Court and witness fees.
985.335 No answer to petition required.
985.345 Delinquency pretrial intervention program.
985.35 Adjudicatory hearings; withheld adjudications; orders of adjudication.
985.43 Predisposition reports; other evaluations.
985.433 Disposition hearings in delinquency cases.
985.435 Probation and postcommitment probation; community service.
985.437 Restitution.
985.439 Violation of probation or postcommitment probation.
985.441 Commitment.
985.442 Form of commitment; certified copy of charge attached.
985.45 Liability and remuneration for work.
985.455 Other dispositional issues.
985.46 Conditional release.
985.461 Transition to adulthood.
985.465 Juvenile correctional facilities or juvenile prison.
985.475 Juvenile sexual offenders.
985.48 Juvenile sexual offender commitment programs; sexual abuse intervention networks.
985.481 Sexual offenders adjudicated delinquent; notification upon release.
985.4815 Notification to Department of Law Enforcement of information on juvenile sexual offenders.
985.494 Commitment programs for juvenile felony offenders.
985.511 Costs of representation.
985.512 Powers with respect to certain children.
985.513 Powers of the court over parent or guardian at disposition.
985.514 Responsibility for cost of care; fees.
985.534 Appeal.
985.535 Additional grounds for appeal by the state; time for taking.
985.536 Order or decision when state appeals.
985.556 Waiver of juvenile court jurisdiction; hearing.
985.557 Direct filing of an information; discretionary and mandatory criteria.
985.56 Indictment of a juvenile.
985.565 Sentencing powers; procedures; alternatives for juveniles prosecuted as adults.
985.57 Transfer of children from the Department of Corrections to the Department of Juvenile Justice.
985.601 Administering the juvenile justice continuum.
985.6015 Shared County/State Juvenile Detention Trust Fund.
985.614 Children locked out of the home; interagency cooperation.
985.618 Educational and career-related programs.
985.622 Multiagency plan for career and professional education (CAPE).
985.625 Literacy programs for juvenile offenders.
985.629 Contracts for the transfer of Florida children in federal custody.
985.632 Quality improvement and cost-effectiveness; Comprehensive Accountability Report.
985.64 Rulemaking.
985.644 Departmental contracting powers; personnel standards and investigation.
985.6441 Health care services.
985.645 Protective action response.
985.648 Consultants.
985.652 Participation of certain programs in the State Risk Management Trust Fund.
985.66 Juvenile justice training; staff development and training; Juvenile Justice Training Trust Fund.
985.664 Juvenile justice circuit advisory boards.
985.668 Innovation zones.
985.672 Direct-support organization; definition; use of property; board of directors; audit.
985.676 Community juvenile justice partnership grants.
985.682 Siting of facilities; criteria.
985.686 Shared county and state responsibility for juvenile detention.
985.688 Administering county and municipal delinquency programs and facilities.
985.69 Repair and maintenance funding for juvenile justice purposes.
985.692 Juvenile Welfare Trust Fund.
985.701 Sexual misconduct prohibited; reporting required; penalties.
985.702 Willful and malicious neglect of a juvenile offender prohibited; reporting required; penalties.
985.711 Introduction, removal, or possession of certain articles unlawful; penalty.
985.721 Escapes from secure detention or residential commitment facility.
985.731 Sheltering unmarried minors; aiding unmarried minor runaways; violations.
985.801 Interstate Compact on Juveniles; implementing legislation; legislative findings and policy.
985.802 Execution of interstate compact for juveniles.
985.8025 State Council for Interstate Juvenile Offender Supervision.