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The Florida Senate

2014 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

119 Sections found

Chapter Title
394.451 Short title.
394.453 Legislative intent.
394.455 Definitions.
394.457 Operation and administration.
394.4572 Screening of mental health personnel.
394.4573 Continuity of care management system; measures of performance; reports.
394.4574 Department responsibilities for a mental health resident who resides in an assisted living facility that holds a limited mental health license.
394.458 Introduction or removal of certain articles unlawful; penalty.
394.459 Rights of patients.
394.4593 Sexual misconduct prohibited; reporting required; penalties.
394.4595 Florida statewide and local advocacy councils; access to patients and records.
394.4597 Persons to be notified; patient’s representative.
394.4598 Guardian advocate.
394.4599 Notice.
394.460 Rights of professionals.
394.461 Designation of receiving and treatment facilities.
394.4612 Integrated adult mental health crisis stabilization and addictions receiving facilities.
394.4615 Clinical records; confidentiality.
394.462 Transportation.
394.4625 Voluntary admissions.
394.463 Involuntary examination.
394.4655 Involuntary outpatient placement.
394.467 Involuntary inpatient placement.
394.46715 Rulemaking authority.
394.4672 Procedure for placement of veteran with federal agency.
394.4674 Plan and report.
394.468 Admission and discharge procedures.
394.4685 Transfer of patients among facilities.
394.469 Discharge of involuntary patients.
394.473 Attorney’s fee; expert witness fee.
394.475 Acceptance, examination, and involuntary placement of Florida residents from out-of-state mental health authorities.
394.4781 Residential care for psychotic and emotionally disturbed children.
394.4784 Minors; access to outpatient crisis intervention services and treatment.
394.4785 Children and adolescents; admission and placement in mental facilities.
394.4786 Intent.
394.47865 South Florida State Hospital; privatization.
394.4787 Definitions; ss. 394.4786, 394.4787, 394.4788, and 394.4789.
394.4788 Use of certain PMATF funds for the purchase of acute care mental health services.
394.4789 Establishment of referral process and eligibility determination.
394.47891 Military veterans and servicemembers court programs.
394.479 Interstate Compact on Mental Health.
394.480 Compact administrator.
394.481 Supplemental agreements with other states.
394.482 Payment of financial obligations imposed by compact.
394.483 Authorized actions by administrator.
394.484 Transmission of copies of act adopting compact.
394.490 Short title.
394.491 Guiding principles for the child and adolescent mental health treatment and support system.
394.492 Definitions.
394.493 Target populations for child and adolescent mental health services funded through the department.
394.494 General performance outcomes for the child and adolescent mental health treatment and support system.
394.495 Child and adolescent mental health system of care; programs and services.
394.496 Service planning.
394.497 Case management services.
394.4985 Districtwide information and referral network; implementation.
394.499 Integrated children’s crisis stabilization unit/juvenile addictions receiving facility services.
394.4995 Conversion of specified facilities to children’s behavioral crisis units; not required.
394.65 Short title.
394.656 Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant Program.
394.657 County planning councils or committees.
394.658 Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant Program requirements.
394.659 Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Technical Assistance Center.
394.6591 Administrative costs and number of grants awarded.
394.66 Legislative intent with respect to substance abuse and mental health services.
394.67 Definitions.
394.674 Eligibility for publicly funded substance abuse and mental health services; fee collection requirements.
394.675 Substance abuse and mental health service system.
394.676 Indigent psychiatric medication program.
394.73 Joint alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health service programs in two or more counties.
394.74 Contracts for provision of local substance abuse and mental health programs.
394.741 Accreditation requirements for providers of behavioral health care services.
394.745 Annual report; compliance of providers under contract with department.
394.75 State and district substance abuse and mental health plans.
394.76 Financing of district programs and services.
394.77 Uniform management information, accounting, and reporting systems for providers.
394.78 Operation and administration; personnel standards; procedures for audit and monitoring of service providers; resolution of disputes.
394.80 Authorization to appropriate funds.
394.875 Crisis stabilization units, residential treatment facilities, and residential treatment centers for children and adolescents; authorized services; license required.
394.876 Applications.
394.877 Fees.
394.879 Rules; enforcement.
394.90 Inspection; right of entry; records.
394.902 Moratorium on admissions.
394.903 Receivership proceedings.
394.907 Community mental health centers; quality assurance programs.
394.908 Substance abuse and mental health funding equity; distribution of appropriations.
394.9082 Behavioral health managing entities.
394.9084 Florida Self-Directed Care program.
394.9085 Behavioral provider liability.
394.910 Legislative findings and intent.
394.911 Legislative intent.
394.912 Definitions.
394.9125 State attorney; authority to refer a person for civil commitment.
394.913 Notice to state attorney and multidisciplinary team of release of sexually violent predator; establishing multidisciplinary teams; information to be provided to multidisciplinary teams.
394.9135 Immediate releases from total confinement; transfer of person to department; time limitations on assessment, notification, and filing petition to hold in custody; filing petition after release; order into custody of department after release.
394.914 Petition; contents.
394.915 Determination of probable cause; hearing; evaluation; respondent taken into custody; bail.
394.9151 Contract authority.
394.9155 Rules of procedure and evidence.
394.916 Trial; counsel and experts; indigent persons; jury.
394.917 Determination; commitment procedure; mistrials; housing; counsel and costs in indigent appellate cases.
394.918 Examinations; notice; court hearings for release of committed persons; burden of proof.
394.919 Authorized petition for release; procedure.
394.920 Petition for release.
394.921 Release of records to agencies, multidisciplinary teams, and state attorney.
394.9215 Right to habeas corpus.
394.9221 Certified security personnel.
394.9223 Use of force.
394.923 Immunity from civil liability.
394.924 Severability.
394.925 Applicability of act.
394.926 Notice to victims and others of release of persons in the custody of the department.
394.9265 Introduction or removal of certain articles unlawful; penalty.
394.927 Escape while in lawful custody; notice to victim; notice to the Department of Corrections and Florida Commission on Offender Review.
394.928 Subsistence fees and costs of treatment.
394.929 Program costs.
394.930 Authority to adopt rules.
394.931 Quarterly and annual reports.
394.932 Registry of experts.