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2016 Florida Statutes

Unwritten lease tenancy at will; duration.
F.S. 83.01
83.01 Unwritten lease tenancy at will; duration.Any lease of lands and tenements, or either, made shall be deemed and held to be a tenancy at will unless it shall be in writing signed by the lessor. Such tenancy shall be from year to year, or quarter to quarter, or month to month, or week to week, to be determined by the periods at which the rent is payable. If the rent is payable weekly, then the tenancy shall be from week to week; if payable monthly, then from month to month; if payable quarterly, then from quarter to quarter; if payable yearly, then from year to year. 1, 2, ch. 5441, 1905; RGS 3567, 3568; CGL 5431, 5432; s. 34, ch. 67-254.