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2016 Florida Statutes

Deposit of securities with Chief Financial Officer.
F.S. 660.27
660.27 Deposit of securities with Chief Financial Officer.
(1) Before transacting any trust business in this state, every trust company and every state or national bank or state or federal association having trust powers shall give satisfactory security by the deposit or pledge of security of the kind or type provided in this section having at all times a market value in an amount equal to 25 percent of the issued and outstanding capital stock of such trust company, bank, or state or federal stock association or, in the case of a federal mutual association, an equivalent amount determined by the office, or the sum of $25,000, whichever is greater. However, the value of the security deposited or pledged pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not be required to exceed $500,000. Any notes, mortgages, bonds, or other securities, other than shares of stock, eligible for investment by a state bank, state association, or state trust company, or eligible for investment by fiduciaries, shall be accepted as satisfactory security for the purposes of this section.
(2) The trust company, bank, or association shall provide to the Chief Financial Officer the following:
(a) Written information which includes full legal name; federal employer identification number; principal place of business; amount of capital stock; and amount of required collateral.
(b) The required information listed in paragraph (a) shall be provided annually as of September 30 and shall be due November 15.
(3) The Chief Financial Officer shall determine whether the security deposited or pledged pursuant to this section, or tendered for such deposit or pledge, is of the kind or type permitted, and has a market value in the amount required, by subsection (1). The security required by this section shall be deposited with or to the credit of, or pledged to, the Chief Financial Officer for the account of each state or national bank, state or federal association, or trust company depositing or pledging the same and shall be used, if at all, by the liquidator of such bank, association, or trust company with first priority being given to claims on account of the trust business or fiduciary functions of such bank, association, or trust company or, prior to liquidation, for the payment of any judgment or decree which may be rendered against such bank, association, or trust company in connection with its trust business or its fiduciary functions if such judgment or decree is not otherwise paid by, or out of other assets of, such bank, association, or trust company.
(4) Any security of any kind which has been deposited or pledged as provided in this section may at any time, by or upon the direction of such bank, association, or trust company which deposited or pledged such security, be withdrawn and released from such pledge provided that simultaneously therewith satisfactory security as provided in this section, in such amount, if any, as may be necessary in order to comply with the requirements of this section, is substituted for the security so withdrawn and released.
(5) With the approval of the Chief Financial Officer, each trust company, bank, or association as pledgor may deposit eligible collateral with a custodian. This custodian shall not be affiliated or related to the trust company, bank, or association. Collateral must be deposited using the collateral agreements and provisions as set forth in s. 280.041(2) and (3).
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Note.Former s. 660.08.