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The Florida Senate

2016 Florida Statutes

F.S. 525.01
525.01 Gasoline and oil to be inspected.
(1) For the purpose of this chapter:
(a) “Department” means the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
(b) “Petroleum fuel” means all gasoline, kerosene (except when used as aviation turbine fuel), diesel fuel, benzine, other like products of petroleum under whatever name designated, or an alternative fuel used for illuminating, heating, cooking, or power purposes, sold, offered, or exposed for sale in this state.
(c) “Alternative fuel” means:
1. Methanol, denatured ethanol, or other alcohols;
2. Mixtures of gasoline or other fuels with methanol, denatured ethanol, or other alcohols;
3. Hydrogen;
4. Coal-derived liquid fuels; and
5. Fuels, other than alcohol, derived from biological materials.
(2) All petroleum fuels are subject to inspection and analysis by the department. Before selling or offering for sale in this state any petroleum fuel, all manufacturers, terminal suppliers, wholesalers, and importers as defined in s. 206.01 shall file with the department:
(a) An affidavit stating that they desire to do business in this state, and the name and address of the manufacturer of the petroleum fuel.
(b) An affidavit stating that the petroleum fuel is in conformity with the standards prescribed by department rule.
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