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2017 Florida Statutes

Development of an Internet-based system for information technology industry promotion and workforce recruitment.
F.S. 445.045
445.045 Development of an Internet-based system for information technology industry promotion and workforce recruitment.
(1) CareerSource Florida, Inc., is responsible for directing the development and maintenance of a website that promotes and markets the information technology industry in this state. The website shall be designed to inform the public concerning the scope of the information technology industry in the state and shall also be designed to address the workforce needs of the industry. The website must include, through links or actual content, information concerning information technology businesses in this state, including links to such businesses; information concerning employment available at these businesses; and the means by which a job seeker may post a resume on the website.
(2) CareerSource Florida, Inc., shall coordinate with the Agency for State Technology and the Department of Economic Opportunity to ensure links, as feasible and appropriate, to existing job information websites maintained by the state and state agencies and to ensure that information technology positions offered by the state and state agencies are posted on the information technology website.
(3) CareerSource Florida, Inc., shall ensure that the website developed and maintained under this section is consistent, compatible, and coordinated with the workforce information systems required under s. 445.011, including, but not limited to, the automated job-matching information system for employers, job seekers, and other users.
(4)(a) CareerSource Florida, Inc., shall coordinate development and maintenance of the website under this section with the executive director of the Agency for State Technology to ensure compatibility with the state‚Äôs information system strategy and enterprise architecture.
(b) CareerSource Florida, Inc., may enter into an agreement with the Agency for State Technology, the Department of Economic Opportunity, or any other public agency with the requisite information technology expertise for the provision of design, operating, or other technological services necessary to develop and maintain the website.
(c) CareerSource Florida, Inc., may procure services necessary to implement this section, if it employs competitive processes, including requests for proposals, competitive negotiation, and other competitive processes to ensure that the procurement results in the most cost-effective investment of state funds.
(5) In furtherance of the requirements of this section that the website promote and market the information technology industry by communicating information on the scope of the industry in this state, CareerSource Florida, Inc., shall coordinate its efforts with the high-technology industry marketing efforts of Enterprise Florida, Inc., under s. 288.911. Through links or actual content, the website developed under this section shall serve as a forum for distributing the marketing campaign developed by Enterprise Florida, Inc., under s. 288.911. In addition, CareerSource Florida, Inc., shall solicit input from the not-for-profit corporation created to advocate on behalf of the information technology industry as an outgrowth of the Information Service Technology Development Task Force created under chapter 99-354, Laws of Florida.
(6) In fulfilling its responsibilities under this section, CareerSource Florida, Inc., may enlist the assistance of and act through the Department of Economic Opportunity. The department is authorized and directed to provide the services that CareerSource Florida, Inc., and the department consider necessary to implement this section.
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