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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 101.002
101.002 Use of system by municipalities.
(1) The board of county commissioners, with the concurrence of the supervisor of elections, may arrange the boundaries of the precincts in each municipality within the county to conform to the boundaries of the municipality, subject to the concurrence of the governing body of the municipality. All binders, files, and other equipment or materials necessary for the permanent registration system shall be furnished by the board of county commissioners.
(2) The supervisor of elections shall deliver the records required for a municipal election to the municipal elections boards or other appropriate elections officials before the election and collect them after the election. The municipality shall reimburse the county for the actual costs incurred.
(3) Any person who is a duly registered elector pursuant to this code and who resides within the boundaries of a municipality is qualified to participate in all municipal elections, the provisions of special acts or local charters notwithstanding. Electors who are not registered under the permanent registration system shall not be permitted to vote.
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Note.Former s. 97.04; s. 98.091.