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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

39 Sections found

Chapter Title
459.001 Purpose.
459.002 Chapter not applicable to practice of medicine, surgery, chiropractic medicine, etc.
459.003 Definitions.
459.004 Board of Osteopathic Medicine.
459.005 Rulemaking authority.
459.0055 General licensure requirements.
459.0066 Expert witness certificate.
459.0075 Limited licenses.
459.0076 Temporary certificate for practice in areas of critical need.
459.00761 Temporary certificate for active duty military and veterans practicing in areas of critical need.
459.0077 Osteopathic faculty certificate.
459.008 Renewal of licenses and certificates.
459.0081 Physician survey.
459.0082 Analysis of survey results; report.
459.0083 Confidentiality of certain information contained in physician workforce surveys.
459.0085 Financial responsibility.
459.009 Inactive status.
459.0092 Fees.
459.011 Privileges, obligations, and status of osteopathic physicians.
459.012 Itemized patient statement.
459.0122 Patient records; termination of osteopathic physician’s practice.
459.0125 Breast cancer; information on treatment alternatives.
459.013 Penalty for violations.
459.0135 Drugs to treat obesity; rules establishing guidelines.
459.0137 Pain-management clinics.
459.0141 Sexual misconduct in the practice of osteopathic medicine.
459.0145 Concerted effort to refuse emergency room treatment to patients; penalties.
459.015 Grounds for disciplinary action; action by the board and department.
459.0151 Emergency procedures for disciplinary action.
459.0152 Specialties.
459.016 Reports of disciplinary actions by medical organizations.
459.017 Osteopathic physician’s consent; handwriting samples; mental or physical examinations.
459.018 Search warrants for certain violations.
459.019 Subpoena of certain records.
459.021 Registration of resident physicians, interns, and fellows; list of hospital employees; penalty.
459.022 Physician assistants.
459.023 Anesthesiologist assistants.
459.025 Formal supervisory relationships, standing orders, and established protocols; notice; standards.
459.026 Reports of adverse incidents in office practice settings.