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The Florida Senate

2019 Florida Statutes

F.S. 186.002
186.002 Findings and intent.
(1) The Legislature finds and declares that:
(a) The issues of public safety, education, health care, community and economic development and redevelopment, protection and conservation of natural and historic resources, transportation, and public facilities transcend the boundaries and responsibilities of individual units of government, and often no single unit of government can plan or implement policies to deal with these issues without affecting other units of government.
(b) Coordination among all levels of government is necessary to ensure effective and efficient delivery of governmental services to all the citizens of the state. It is therefore necessary to establish an integrated planning system and to ensure coordinated administration of government policies that address the multitude of issues posed by the state‚Äôs continued growth and development.
(c) To promote intergovernmental coordination and the effective allocation of resources, the state should set goals to provide direction and guidance for state, regional, and local governments and agencies in the development and implementation of their respective plans, programs, and services. The preservation and enhancement of the quality of life of the people of this state require that a state comprehensive plan be adopted by the Legislature to provide policy direction for all state and regional agencies and local governments.
(d) Regular evaluation of the state comprehensive plan is necessary to inform the public whether state goals are being attained. To accomplish this purpose, the state comprehensive plan should be evaluated biennially with any necessary revisions prepared through coordinated action by state and regional agencies and local governments.
(2) It is the intent of the Legislature that:
(a) The state planning process provide direction for the delivery of governmental services, a means for defining and achieving the specific goals and objectives of the state, and a method for evaluating the accomplishment of those goals and objectives.
(b) The state comprehensive plan shall provide basic policy direction to all levels of government regarding the orderly social, economic, and physical growth of the state.
(c) Long-range program plans shall be effectively coordinated to ensure the establishment of appropriate agency priorities and facilitate the orderly, positive management of agency activities consistent with the public interest. It is also intended that the implementation of state and regional plans enhance the quality of life of the citizens of the state.
(d) The state planning process shall be informed and guided by the experience of public officials at all levels of government.
(e) All agencies and levels of government involved in the integrated planning process shall provide sufficient opportunities for meaningful public participation in the preparation, implementation, evaluation, and revision of all plans and programs.
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