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2019 Florida Statutes

F.S. 206.215
206.215 Costs and expenses of proceedings.
(1) For the performance of the duties required of the sheriff by the provisions of ss. 206.205 and 206.21 he or she shall receive the same fees provided by law for the arrest and return of persons charged with crime, including the same mileage and the actual cost of transporting such things, and all such fees and compensations shall be paid out of the proceeds of the sale.
(2) The clerks of the courts performing duties under the provisions aforesaid shall receive the same fees as prescribed by the general law for the performance of similar duties, and witnesses attending any investigation pursuant to subpoena shall receive the same mileage and per diem as if attending as a witness before the circuit court.
(3) All fees and costs provided for shall be paid from the proceeds of the sale, or if there be no sale or if the proceeds of such sale be insufficient to meet such fees and costs then such fees and costs shall be paid out of the Fuel Tax Collection Trust Fund or other funds available for the enforcement of the fuel tax laws by the department.
(4) In the event the proceeds of the sale are more than sufficient to pay all costs and fees attending the sale, then the surplus thereof shall be sent to the department to be disposed of as provided for the disposition of the taxes collected under the fuel tax laws of the state; provided, however, that any property seized under s. 206.205 against which there is existing a mortgage lien or retain title contract held by a person who has no knowledge that such property is being used for the purpose of illegally evading or avoiding the payment of the fuel taxes provided for under the laws of the state, then such seizure shall not invalidate such lien or retain title contract, but the same shall be paid out of any funds derived from a sale of said property, provided the retain titleholder or mortgagee shall within 30 days after seizure come into court and set up his or her claim to such retained title lien or mortgage.
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Note.Former s. 207.29.