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2023 Florida Statutes (including 2023C)

Granting concessions or selling along the turnpike system; immunity from taxation.
F.S. 338.234
338.234 Granting concessions or selling along the turnpike system; immunity from taxation.
(1) The department may enter into contracts or licenses with any person for the sale of services or products or business opportunities on the turnpike system, or the turnpike enterprise may sell services, products, or business opportunities on the turnpike system, which benefit the traveling public or provide additional revenue to the turnpike system. Services, business opportunities, and products authorized to be sold include, but are not limited to, motor fuel, vehicle towing, and vehicle maintenance services; food with attendant nonalcoholic beverages; lodging, meeting rooms, and other business services opportunities; advertising and other promotional opportunities, which advertising and promotions must be consistent with the dignity and integrity of the state; state lottery tickets sold by authorized retailers; games and amusements that operate by the application of skill, not including games of chance as defined in s. 849.16 or other illegal gambling games; Florida citrus, goods promoting the state, or handmade goods produced within the state; and travel information, tickets, reservations, or other related services. However, the department, pursuant to the grants of authority to the turnpike enterprise under this section, shall not exercise the power of eminent domain solely for the purpose of acquiring real property in order to provide business services or opportunities, such as lodging and meeting-room space on the turnpike system.
(2) The effectuation of the authorized purposes of the Strategic Intermodal System, created under ss. 339.61-339.65, and Florida Turnpike Enterprise, created under this chapter, is for the benefit of the people of the state, for the increase of their commerce and prosperity, and for the improvement of their health and living conditions; and, because the system and enterprise perform essential government functions in effectuating such purposes, neither the turnpike enterprise nor any nongovernment lessee or licensee renting, leasing, or licensing real property from the turnpike enterprise, pursuant to an agreement authorized by this section, are required to pay any commercial rental tax imposed under s. 212.031 on any capital improvements constructed, improved, acquired, installed, or used for such purposes.
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Note.Former ss. 340.04, 340.011(2)(b)-(d), 340.091.