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The Florida Senate

Senator Stewart, District 13 — Press Release


September 28, 2017

CONTACT: Matthew Alford, 850-487-5013

Senator Linda Stewart Asks For National Guard Deployment to Puerto Rico

ORLANDO, Fla. – “I would  respectfully urge the Governor to exercise his authority as Commander-In-Chief of Florida’s National Guard to deploy as many resources as he is able to help stem the looming humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.” State Senator Linda Stewart said. “Large swathes of the island have been without water, medicine or electricity since Hurricane Maria made landfall – a problem that will only grow worse in the days and weeks ahead. This is to say nothing of the lawlessness and unease that also carries with it a steep human cost.

“The degree and severity of this crisis will ultimately rest on the wisdom and ability of our policy-makers: President Trump has rightfully waived a nearly century-old law that restricts which ships can dock on the island. However, thousands of cargo containers holding the very life-saving supplies in such scarcity there remain unloaded in port. The vast logistical engagement experience of America’s armed forces have not been called upon. Floridians with families and friends remaining on the island, among them many of my constituents have been unable to communicate with their loved ones.

“With a full understanding that many parts of our own state are only now returning to normalcy following Hurricane Irma, it is worth mentioning the recovery would surely have been worse without the Florida National Guard’s sterling track record of disaster relief. Now, surely, is the time to take full advantage of that expertise,” Senator Stewart said. “I would urge Gov. Scott to deploy whatever assets are at his disposal to help millions of our fellow Americans during their greatest hour of need.”