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The Florida Senate

Senator Taddeo, District 40 — Press Release


April 12, 2022

CONTACT: Veronica Sandoval, 17868779565

Senator Taddeo Calls Out Governor DeSantis for Approving an Insurance Company Funded By Communist China

Miami —

Governor DeSantis’ outright refusal to address the massive housing crisis has forced millions of Floridians to pay excessive rent and home insurance rate hikes. Not only has the Governor intentionally neglected this crisis and has refused to call a Special Session, but the Governor signed into law last year a bill that raised Citizens Insurance Premiums even more (link to video of Senator Taddeo warning of this rate increase on the Senate Floor during the 2021 Session). Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis has consistently labeled “Communist China” as a country we don’t want to “be entangled with” and yet, thanks to DeSantis, China is now a major stakeholder in the only new property insurer in nearly a decade approved in Florida.

Senator Taddeo has joined her colleagues to call for a Special Session to actually address this crisis and work to bring meaningful, market-based solutions and common-sense relief to homeowners and renters across the state.

Senator Annette Taddeo had this to say: “These property insurance increases are on Governor Ron DeSantis, period. Ironically, in Ron DeSantis’ “freest state in the country”, the only new insurance company approved in Florida in years is funded by communist China. When he’s not investing $300 million of our money in Putin, DeSantis is serving up millions in massive rate hikes paid by Floridians to communist China.  If he thinks that’s what “freedom” looks like, there’s some prime coastal real estate in Venezuela I’m sure Maduro would like to sell him."