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The Florida Senate

Minority Office — Press Release


April 30, 2024

CONTACT: Jossie Barroso, (850) 487-5611

STATEMENT: Florida Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book on 6-Week Abortion Ban Taking Effect

Tallahassee —

Ahead of the 6-week abortion ban taking effect in Florida, Florida Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book (D-Davie) who led the fight in the Senate against the dangerous, shortsighted, and unnecessary SB 300 which allowed the 6-week abortion ban in the first place, offered her own comments on the abortion ban to interested media working on stories about the impact of this law. Leader Book also shared the following statement ahead of the ban taking effect:

“As of May 1, abortion has effectively been banned in the state of Florida. Most women and girls do not even know they are pregnant at six weeks – and in cases where a pregnancy has been detected, patients seeking an abortion under Florida’s restrictive laws will not have enough time to obtain two appointments, with the mandated 24-hour waiting period in between. 

This ban will have dire consequences for millions of women, girls, and sexual assault survivors across our state, and subject thousands of healthcare providers to imprisonment for providing parents with reproductive healthcare. We have taken a dangerous, disastrous step back in time where women have fewer rights today than our grandmothers before us. 

To Florida’s women and girls in crisis: there is hope and there is help. Reach out to access abortion travel funds if you need them; do not compromise your safety by taking matters into your own hands. Call my office if you need to be connected with assistance (954-424-6674).

And to all freedom-loving Floridians: restrictions on abortion present a clear and present danger to our collective rights and freedoms. Our private medical decisions are none of the government's business. And politicians have no place in our exam rooms. If you agree, join the coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents working to pass Amendment 4 and protect abortion access in Florida this November — because no one is coming to save us but ourselves.”