Bill No. HB 7135
Amendment No. 065453
Senate House

1Representative Mayfield offered the following:
3     Amendment (with title amendment)
4     Remove lines 6237-6321 and insert:
5     Section 108.  Section 1004.648, Florida Statutes, is
6created to read:
7     1004.648  Florida Energy Systems Consortium.--
8     (1)  There is created the Florida Energy Systems Consortium
9to promote collaboration among experts in the State University
10System for the purposes of sharing energy-related expertise and
11assisting in the development and implementation of a
12comprehensive, long-term, environmentally compatible,
13sustainable, and efficient energy strategic plan for the state.
14     (2)  The consortium shall focus on the research and
15development of innovative energy systems that will lead to
16alternative energy strategies, improved energy efficiencies, and
17expanded economic development for the state.
18     (3)  The consortium shall consist of the state universities
19as identified under s. 1000.21(6).
20     (4)  The consortium shall be administered at the University
21of Florida by a director who shall be appointed by the President
22of the University of Florida.
23     (5)  The director, whose office shall be located at the
24University of Florida, shall report to the Florida Energy and
25Climate Commission created pursuant to s. 377.6015.
26     (6)  The oversight board shall consist of the Vice
27President for Research or other appropriate representative
28appointed by the university president of each member of the
30     (7)  The oversight board shall be responsible for the
31technical performance and financial management of the
33     (8)  In performing its responsibilities, the consortium
34shall collaborate with the oversight board and may also
35collaborate with industry and other affected parties.
36     (9)  Through collaborative research and development across
37the State University System and the industry, the goal of the
38consortium is to become a world leader in energy research,
39education, technology, and energy systems analysis. In so doing,
40the consortium shall:
41     (a)  Coordinate and initiate increased collaborative
42interdisciplinary energy research among the universities and the
43energy industry.
44     (b)  Assist in the creation and development of a Florida-
45based energy technology industry through efforts that would
46expedite commercialization of innovative energy technologies by
47taking advantage of the energy expertise within the State
48University System, high-technology incubators, industrial parks,
49and industry-driven research centers.
50     (c)  Provide a state resource for objective energy systems
52     (d)  Develop education and outreach programs to prepare a
53qualified energy workforce and informed public. Specifically,
54the faculty associated with the consortium shall coordinate a
55statewide workforce development initiative focusing on college-
56level degrees, technician training, and public and commercial
57sectors awareness. The consortium shall develop specific
58programs targeted at preparing graduates who have a background
59in energy, continuing education courses for technical and
60nontechnical professionals, and modules, laboratories, and
61courses to be shared among the universities. Additionally, the
62consortium shall work with the Florida Community College System
63using the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center for
64the coordination and design of industry-specific training
65programs for technicians.
66     (10)  The consortium shall solicit and leverage state,
67federal, and private funds for the purpose of conducting
68education, research, and development in the area of sustainable
70     (11)  The oversight board, in consultation with the Florida
71Energy and Climate Commission, shall ensure that the consortium:
72     (a)  Maintains accurate records of any funds received by
73the consortium.
74     (b)  Meets financial and technical performance
75expectations, which may include external technical reviews as
77     (12)  The steering committee shall consist of the
78university representatives included in the Centers of Excellence
79proposals for the Florida Energy Systems Consortium and the
80Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology-Phase II which
81were reviewed during the 2007-2008 fiscal year by the Florida
82Technology, Research, and Scholarship Board created in s.
831004.226(4); a university representative appointed by the
84President of Florida International University; and the Florida
85Energy and Climate Commission. The steering committee shall be
86responsible for establishing and ensuring the success of the
87consortium's mission under subsection (9).
88     (13)  By November 1 of each year, the consortium shall
89submit an annual report to the Governor, the President of the
90Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the
91Florida Energy and Climate Commission regarding its activities,
92including, but not limited to, education and research related
93to, and the development and deployment of, alternative energy
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
101     Remove line 384 and insert:
102Consortium consisting of all the state universities;

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