Bill No. HB 7135
Amendment No. 411747
Senate House

1Representative Ausley offered the following:
3     Amendment
4     Remove lines 2174-2190 and insert:
5shall have rulemaking authority for providing annual cost
6recovery and incentive-based adjustments to authorized rates of
7return on common equity to providers to incentivize renewable
8energy. Notwithstanding s. 366.91(3) and (4), upon the
9ratification of the rules developed pursuant to this subsection,
10each public utility must continuously offer a purchase contract
11to producers of renewable energy. The commission shall approve
12projects and power sales agreements with renewable power
13producers and the sale of renewable energy credits needed to
14comply with the renewable portfolio standard. In the event of
15any conflict, this subparagraph shall supersede s. 366.91(3) and
16(4). In order to minimize the impact on utility rates, the rule
17shall also provide incentives for nonprovider owned renewable
18facilities consistent with s. 366.92(1).
19     2.  Shall provide for appropriate compliance measures,
20including an alternative compliance payment mechanism, in order
21to ensure that compliance with the rule is not cost prohibitive.

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