Bill No. HB 7135
Amendment No. 955871
Senate House

1Representative Long offered the following:
3     Amendment (with title amendment)
4     Between lines 1201 and 1202, insert:
5     (3)  St. Petersburg College may work with the Florida
6Community College System and may consult with the University of
7Florida to provide training and educational opportunities that
8will ensure that green building rating system certifying agents
9(accredited professionals who possess a knowledge and
10understanding of green building processes, practices, and
11principles) are available to work with the entities specified in
12subsection (2) as they construct public buildings to meet green
13building rating system standards. St. Petersburg College may
14work with the construction industry to develop online continuing
15education curriculum for use statewide by builders constructing
16energy-efficient and sustainable public-sector buildings and
17students interested in the college's Green/Sustainability Track
18in its Management and Organization Leadership area of study.
19Curriculum developed may be offered by St. Petersburg College or
20in cooperation with other programs at other community colleges.
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
24     Between lines 84 and 85, insert:
25creating a sustainable building training certification program
26within St. Petersburg College; specifying program components;

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