CS/CS/HB 1145

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to greyhound racing; amending s. 550.002,
3F.S., which defines the term "full schedule of live racing
4or games"; providing that a greyhound permitholder shall
5not be required to conduct a minimum number of live
6performances; amending s. 550.01215, F.S.; revising
7requirements for an application for a license to conduct
8performances; extending the period of time allowed to
9amend certain applications; amending s. 550.054, F.S.;
10removing a requirement for holders of certain converted
11permits to conduct a full schedule of live racing to
12qualify for certain tax credits; amending s. 550.0951,
13F.S.; revising provisions for transfer by a permitholder
14of a tax exemption or license fee credit to a greyhound
15permitholder; establishing a tax credit pool; providing
16for use of credits in the pool; amending s. 550.09514,
17F.S.; revising purse requirements for greyhound racing and
18provisions for payment of purses; amending s. 550.475,
19F.S., relating to lease of pari-mutuel facilities by pari-
20mutuel permitholders; revising terminology to conform to
21changes made by the act; amending s. 550.615, F.S.;
22revising provisions for intertrack wagering; amending ss.
23550.26165 and 550.6305, F.S.; conforming cross-references
24to changes made by the act; amending s. 551.104, F.S.;
25revising a condition of licensure for the conduct of slot
26machine gaming; amending s. 551.114, F.S.; revising
27requirements for designated slot machine gaming areas;
28amending s. 849.086, F.S.; revising requirements for
29initial and renewal issuance of a cardroom license to a
30greyhound permitholder; providing that a minimum number of
31requested or conducted live performances is not required
32in order for a greyhound permitholder to maintain or renew
33a cardroom license; providing an effective date.
35Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
37     Section 1.  Subsection (11) of section 550.002, Florida
38Statutes, is amended to read:
39     550.002  Definitions.-As used in this chapter, the term:
40     (11)  "Full schedule of live racing or games" means, for a
41greyhound or jai alai permitholder, the conduct of a combination
42of at least 100 live evening or matinee performances during the
43preceding year; for a permitholder who has a converted permit or
44filed an application on or before June 1, 1990, for a converted
45permit, the conduct of a combination of at least 100 live
46evening and matinee wagering performances during either of the 2
47preceding years; for a jai alai permitholder who does not
48operate slot machines in its pari-mutuel facility, who has
49conducted at least 100 live performances per year for at least
5010 years after December 31, 1992, and whose handle on live jai
51alai games conducted at its pari-mutuel facility has been less
52than $4 million per state fiscal year for at least 2 consecutive
53years after June 30, 1992, the conduct of a combination of at
54least 40 live evening or matinee performances during the
55preceding year; for a jai alai permitholder who operates slot
56machines in its pari-mutuel facility, the conduct of a
57combination of at least 150 performances during the preceding
58year; for a harness permitholder, the conduct of at least 100
59live regular wagering performances during the preceding year;
60for a quarter horse permitholder at its facility unless an
61alternative schedule of at least 20 live regular wagering
62performances is agreed upon by the permitholder and either the
63Florida Quarter Horse Racing Association or the horsemen's
64association representing the majority of the quarter horse
65owners and trainers at the facility and filed with the division
66along with its annual date application, in the 2010-2011 fiscal
67year, the conduct of at least 20 regular wagering performances,
68in the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 fiscal years, the conduct of at
69least 30 live regular wagering performances, and for every
70fiscal year after the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the conduct of at
71least 40 live regular wagering performances; for a quarter horse
72permitholder leasing another licensed racetrack, the conduct of
73160 events at the leased facility; and for a thoroughbred
74permitholder, the conduct of at least 40 live regular wagering
75performances during the preceding year. For a permitholder which
76is restricted by statute to certain operating periods within the
77year when other members of its same class of permit are
78authorized to operate throughout the year, the specified number
79of live performances which constitute a full schedule of live
80racing or games shall be adjusted pro rata in accordance with
81the relationship between its authorized operating period and the
82full calendar year and the resulting specified number of live
83performances shall constitute the full schedule of live games
84for such permitholder and all other permitholders of the same
85class within 100 air miles of such permitholder. A live
86performance must consist of no fewer than eight races or games
87conducted live for each of a minimum of three performances each
88week at the permitholder's licensed facility under a single
89admission charge. Notwithstanding any other provision of law,
90beginning with the 2011-2012 fiscal year, there shall be no
91minimum requirement of live performances for greyhound
93     Section 2.  Subsection (1) of section 550.01215, Florida
94Statutes, is amended to read:
95     550.01215  License application; periods of operation; bond,
96conversion of permit.-
97     (1)  Each permitholder shall annually, during the period
98between December 15 and January 4, file in writing with the
99division its application for a license to conduct pari-mutuel
100wagering activities performances during the next state fiscal
101year. Each application requesting live performances, if any,
102shall specify the number, dates, and starting times of all
103performances which the permitholder intends to conduct. It shall
104also specify which performances will be conducted as charity or
105scholarship performances. In addition, each application for a
106license shall include, for each permitholder which elects to
107operate a cardroom, the dates and periods of operation the
108permitholder intends to operate the cardroom or, for each
109thoroughbred permitholder which elects to receive or rebroadcast
110out-of-state races after 7 p.m., the dates for all performances
111which the permitholder intends to conduct. Permitholders may
112shall be entitled to amend their applications through February
11328 or, for applications by greyhound permitholders relating to
114the 2011-2012 fiscal year, through August 31, 2011.
115     Section 3.  Paragraph (b) of subsection (14) of section
116550.054, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
117     550.054  Application for permit to conduct pari-mutuel
119     (14)
120     (b)  The division, upon application from the holder of a
121jai alai permit meeting all conditions of this section, shall
122convert the permit and shall issue to the permitholder a permit
123to conduct greyhound racing. A permitholder of a permit
124converted under this section shall be required to apply for and
125conduct a full schedule of live racing each fiscal year to be
126eligible for any tax credit provided by this chapter. The holder
127of a permit converted pursuant to this subsection or any holder
128of a permit to conduct greyhound racing located in a county in
129which it is the only permit issued pursuant to this section who
130operates at a leased facility pursuant to s. 550.475 may move
131the location for which the permit has been issued to another
132location within a 30-mile radius of the location fixed in the
133permit issued in that county, provided the move does not cross
134the county boundary and such location is approved under the
135zoning regulations of the county or municipality in which the
136permit is located, and upon such relocation may use the permit
137for the conduct of pari-mutuel wagering and the operation of a
138cardroom. The provisions of s. 550.6305(9)(d) and (f) shall
139apply to any permit converted under this subsection and shall
140continue to apply to any permit which was previously included
141under and subject to such provisions before a conversion
142pursuant to this section occurred.
143     Section 4.  Paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of section
144550.0951, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
145     550.0951  Payment of daily license fee and taxes;
147     (1)
148     (b)  Each permitholder that cannot utilize the full amount
149of the exemption of $360,000 or $500,000 provided in s.
150550.09514(1) or the daily license fee credit provided in this
151section may, at any time after notifying the division in
152writing, elect once per state fiscal year on a form provided by
153the division, to transfer such exemption or credit or any
154portion thereof to any greyhound permitholder which acts as a
155host track to such permitholder for the purpose of intertrack
156wagering. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the
157exemption of $360,000 or $500,000 under s. 550.09514(1) for each
158greyhound permitholder that conducted live racing before July 1,
1592011, but subsequently elects not to conduct live racing during
160a fiscal year shall be pooled, and each greyhound permitholder
161conducting a full schedule of live racing during a fiscal year
162is entitled to an additional tax credit in an amount equal to
163the product of the respective permitholder's percentage share of
164live and intertrack wagering handle under subsection (3) during
165the preceding fiscal year and the total value of tax credits
166available in the pool. Once an election to transfer such
167exemption or credit is filed with the division, it shall not be
168rescinded. The division shall disapprove the transfer when the
169amount of the exemption or credit or portion thereof is
170unavailable to the transferring permitholder for any reason,
171including being unavailable because the transferring
172permitholder did not conduct at least 100 live performances of
173at least eight races during the fiscal year, or when the
174permitholder who is entitled to transfer the exemption or credit
175or who is entitled to receive the exemption or credit owes taxes
176to the state pursuant to a deficiency letter or administrative
177complaint issued by the division. Upon approval of the transfer
178by the division, the transferred tax exemption or credit shall
179be effective for the first performance of the next payment
180period as specified in subsection (5). The exemption or credit
181transferred to such host track may be applied by such host track
182against any taxes imposed by this chapter or daily license fees
183imposed by this chapter. The greyhound permitholder host track
184to which such exemption or credit is transferred shall reimburse
185such permitholder the exact monetary value of such transferred
186exemption or credit as actually applied against the taxes and
187daily license fees of the host track. The division shall ensure
188that all transfers of exemption or credit are made in accordance
189with this subsection and shall have the authority to adopt rules
190to ensure the implementation of this section.
191     Section 5.  Paragraphs (b), (c), and (e) of subsection (2)
192of section 550.09514, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
193     550.09514  Greyhound dogracing taxes; purse requirements.-
194     (2)
195     (b)  Except as otherwise set forth herein, in addition to
196the minimum purse percentage required by paragraph (a), each
197permitholder conducting live racing during a fiscal year shall
198pay as purses an annual amount equal to 75 percent of the daily
199license fees paid by each permitholder for the 1994-1995 fiscal
200year. This purse supplement shall be disbursed weekly during the
201permitholder's race meet in an amount determined by dividing the
202annual purse supplement by the number of performances approved
203for the permitholder pursuant to its annual license and
204multiplying that amount by the number of performances conducted
205each week. For the greyhound permitholders in the county where
206there are two greyhound permitholders located as specified in s.
207550.615(6), such permitholders shall pay in the aggregate an
208amount equal to 75 percent of the daily license fees paid by
209such permitholders for the 1994-1995 fiscal year. These
210permitholders shall be jointly and severally liable for such
211purse payments. The additional purses provided by this paragraph
212must be used exclusively for purses other than stakes. The
213division shall conduct audits necessary to ensure compliance
214with this section.
215     (c)1.  Each greyhound permitholder when conducting at least
216three live performances during any week shall pay purses in that
217week on wagers it accepts as a guest track on intertrack and
218simulcast greyhound races at the same rate as it pays on live
219races. Each greyhound permitholder when conducting at least
220three live performances during any week shall pay purses in that
221week, at the same rate as it pays on live races, on wagers
222accepted on greyhound races at a guest track which is not
223conducting live racing and is located within the same market
224area as the greyhound permitholder conducting at least three
225live performances during any week.
226     2.  Each host greyhound permitholder shall pay purses on
227its simulcast and intertrack broadcasts of greyhound races to
228guest facilities that are located outside its market area in an
229amount equal to one quarter of an amount determined by
230subtracting the transmission costs of sending the simulcast or
231intertrack broadcasts from an amount determined by adding the
232fees received for greyhound simulcast races plus 3 percent of
233the greyhound intertrack handle at guest facilities that are
234located outside the market area of the host and that paid
235contractual fees to the host for such broadcasts of greyhound
236races. For guest greyhound permitholders not conducting live
237racing during a fiscal year and not subject to the purse
238requirements of subparagraph 1., 3 percent of the greyhound
239intertrack handle shall be paid to the host greyhound
240permitholder for payment of purses at the host track.
241     (e)  In addition to the purse requirements of paragraphs
242(a)-(c), each greyhound permitholder shall pay as purses an
243amount equal to one-third of the amount of the tax reduction on
244live and simulcast handle applicable to such permitholder as a
245result of the reductions in tax rates provided by this act
246through the amendments to s. 550.0951(3) by chapter 2000-354,
247Laws of Florida. With respect to intertrack wagering when the
248host and guest tracks are greyhound permitholders not within the
249same market area, an amount equal to the tax reduction
250applicable to the guest track handle as a result of the
251reduction in tax rates rate provided by this act through the
252amendments amendment to s. 550.0951(3) by chapter 2000-354, Laws
253of Florida, shall be distributed to the guest track, one-third
254of which amount shall be paid as purses at those guest tracks
255conducting live racing the guest track. However, if the guest
256track is a greyhound permitholder within the market area of the
257host or if the guest track is not a greyhound permitholder, an
258amount equal to such tax reduction applicable to the guest track
259handle shall be retained by the host track, one-third of which
260amount shall be paid as purses at the host track. These purse
261funds shall be disbursed in the week received if the
262permitholder conducts at least one live performance during that
263week. If the permitholder does not conduct at least one live
264performance during the week in which the purse funds are
265received, the purse funds shall be disbursed weekly during the
266permitholder's next race meet in an amount determined by
267dividing the purse amount by the number of performances approved
268for the permitholder pursuant to its annual license, and
269multiplying that amount by the number of performances conducted
270each week. The division shall conduct audits necessary to ensure
271compliance with this paragraph.
272     Section 6.  Subsection (1) of section 550.26165, Florida
273Statutes, is amended to read:
274     550.26165  Breeders' awards.-
275     (1)  The purpose of this section is to encourage the
276agricultural activity of breeding and training racehorses in
277this state. Moneys dedicated in this chapter for use as
278breeders' awards and stallion awards are to be used for awards
279to breeders of registered Florida-bred horses winning horseraces
280and for similar awards to the owners of stallions who sired
281Florida-bred horses winning stakes races, if the stallions are
282registered as Florida stallions standing in this state. Such
283awards shall be given at a uniform rate to all winners of the
284awards, shall not be greater than 20 percent of the announced
285gross purse, and shall not be less than 15 percent of the
286announced gross purse if funds are available. In addition, no
287less than 17 percent nor more than 40 percent, as determined by
288the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' Association, of the moneys
289dedicated in this chapter for use as breeders' awards and
290stallion awards for thoroughbreds shall be returned pro rata to
291the permitholders that generated the moneys for special racing
292awards to be distributed by the permitholders to owners of
293thoroughbred horses participating in prescribed thoroughbred
294stakes races, nonstakes races, or both, all in accordance with a
295written agreement establishing the rate, procedure, and
296eligibility requirements for such awards entered into by the
297permitholder, the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' Association,
298and the Florida Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective
299Association, Inc., except that the plan for the distribution by
300any permitholder located in the area described in s.
301550.615(8)(9) shall be agreed upon by that permitholder, the
302Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' Association, and the association
303representing a majority of the thoroughbred racehorse owners and
304trainers at that location. Awards for thoroughbred races are to
305be paid through the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' Association,
306and awards for standardbred races are to be paid through the
307Florida Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association. Among
308other sources specified in this chapter, moneys for thoroughbred
309breeders' awards will come from the 0.955 percent of handle for
310thoroughbred races conducted, received, broadcast, or simulcast
311under this chapter as provided in s. 550.2625(3). The moneys for
312quarter horse and harness breeders' awards will come from the
313breaks and uncashed tickets on live quarter horse and harness
314racing performances and 1 percent of handle on intertrack
315wagering. The funds for these breeders' awards shall be paid to
316the respective breeders' associations by the permitholders
317conducting the races.
318     Section 7.  Section 550.475, Florida Statutes, is amended
319to read:
320     550.475  Lease of pari-mutuel facilities by pari-mutuel
321permitholders.-Holders of valid pari-mutuel permits for the
322conduct of any jai alai games, dogracing, or thoroughbred and
323standardbred horse racing in this state are entitled to lease
324any and all of their facilities to any other holder of a same
325class valid pari-mutuel permit for jai alai games, dogracing, or
326thoroughbred or standardbred horse racing, when located within a
32735-mile radius of each other; and such lessee is entitled to a
328permit and license to operate its pari-mutuel wagering
329activities race meet or jai alai games at the leased premises.
330     Section 8.  Section 550.615, Florida Statutes, is amended
331to read:
332     550.615  Intertrack wagering.-
333     (1)  Any horserace permitholder licensed under this chapter
334which has conducted a full schedule of live racing may, at any
335time, receive broadcasts of horseraces and accept wagers on
336horseraces conducted by horserace permitholders licensed under
337this chapter at its facility.
338     (2)  A Any track or fronton licensed under this chapter
339that conducted a full schedule of live racing or games which in
340the preceding year, or any greyhound permitholder that has held
341an annual license to conduct pari-mutuel wagering activities in
342each of the preceding 10 years or was converted pursuant to s.
343550.054(14), conducted a full schedule of live racing is
344qualified to, at any time, receive broadcasts of any class of
345pari-mutuel race or game and accept wagers on such races or
346games conducted by any class of permitholders licensed under
347this chapter.
348     (3)  If a permitholder elects to broadcast its signal to
349any permitholder in this state, any permitholder that is
350eligible to conduct intertrack wagering under the provisions of
351ss. 550.615-550.6345 is entitled to receive the broadcast and
352conduct intertrack wagering under this section; provided,
353however, that the host track may require a guest track within 25
354miles of another permitholder to receive in any week at least 60
355percent of the live races that the host track is making
356available on the days that the guest track is otherwise
357operating live races or games. A host track may require a guest
358track not operating live races or games and within 25 miles of
359another permitholder to accept within any week at least 60
360percent of the live races that the host track is making
361available. A person may not restrain or attempt to restrain any
362permitholder that is otherwise authorized to conduct intertrack
363wagering from receiving the signal of any other permitholder or
364sending its signal to any permitholder.
365     (4)  In no event shall any intertrack wager be accepted on
366the same class of live races or games of any permitholder
367without the written consent of such operating permitholders
368conducting the same class of live races or games if the guest
369track is within the market area of such operating permitholder.
370A greyhound permitholder situated in an area described in
371subsection (6) that accepts intertrack wagers on live greyhound
372signals is not required to obtain the written consent required
373by this subsection from any operating greyhound permitholder
374within its market area.
375     (5)  No permitholder within the market area of the host
376track shall take an intertrack wager on the host track without
377the consent of the host track.
378     (6)  Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (3), in
379any area of the state where there are three or more horserace
380permitholders within 25 miles of each other, intertrack wagering
381between permitholders in said area of the state shall only be
382authorized under the following conditions: Any permitholder,
383other than a thoroughbred permitholder, may accept intertrack
384wagers on races or games conducted live by a permitholder of the
385same class or any harness permitholder located within such area
386and any harness permitholder may accept wagers on games
387conducted live by any jai alai permitholder located within its
388market area and from a jai alai permitholder located within the
389area specified in this subsection when no jai alai permitholder
390located within its market area is conducting live jai alai
391performances; any greyhound or jai alai permitholder may receive
392broadcasts of and accept wagers on any permitholder of the other
393class provided that a permitholder, other than the host track,
394of such other class is not operating a contemporaneous live
395performance within the market area.
396     (7)  In any county of the state where there are only two
397permits, one for dogracing and one for jai alai, no intertrack
398wager may be taken during the period of time when a permitholder
399is not licensed to conduct live races or games without the
400written consent of the other permitholder that is conducting
401live races or games. However, if neither permitholder is
402conducting live races or games, either permitholder may accept
403intertrack wagers on horseraces or on the same class of races or
404games, or on both horseraces and the same class of races or
405games as is authorized by its permit.
406     (7)(8)  In any three contiguous counties of the state where
407there are only three permitholders, all of which are greyhound
408permitholders, If any greyhound permitholder leases the facility
409of another greyhound permitholder for the purpose of conducting
410all or any portion of the conduct of its live race meet pursuant
411to s. 550.475, such lessee may conduct intertrack wagering at
412its pre-lease permitted facility throughout the entire year,
413including while its race live meet is being conducted at the
414leased facility, if such permitholder has conducted a full
415schedule of live racing during the preceding fiscal year at its
416pre-lease permitted facility or at a leased facility, or
417combination thereof.
418     (8)(9)  In any two contiguous counties of the state in
419which there are located only four active permits, one for
420thoroughbred horse racing, two for greyhound dogracing, and one
421for jai alai games, no intertrack wager may be accepted on the
422same class of live races or games of any permitholder without
423the written consent of such operating permitholders conducting
424the same class of live races or games if the guest track is
425within the market area of such operating permitholder.
426     (9)(10)  All costs of receiving the transmission of the
427broadcasts shall be borne by the guest track; and all costs of
428sending the broadcasts shall be borne by the host track.
429     Section 9.  Paragraph (g) of subsection (9) of section
430550.6305, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
431     550.6305  Intertrack wagering; guest track payments;
432accounting rules.-
433     (9)  A host track that has contracted with an out-of-state
434horse track to broadcast live races conducted at such out-of-
435state horse track pursuant to s. 550.3551(5) may broadcast such
436out-of-state races to any guest track and accept wagers thereon
437in the same manner as is provided in s. 550.3551.
438     (g)1.  Any thoroughbred permitholder which accepts wagers
439on a simulcast signal must make the signal available to any
440permitholder that is eligible to conduct intertrack wagering
441under the provisions of ss. 550.615-550.6345.
442     2.  Any thoroughbred permitholder which accepts wagers on a
443simulcast signal received after 6 p.m. must make such signal
444available to any permitholder that is eligible to conduct
445intertrack wagering under the provisions of ss. 550.615-
446550.6345, including any permitholder located as specified in s.
447550.615(6). Such guest permitholders are authorized to accept
448wagers on such simulcast signal, notwithstanding any other
449provision of this chapter to the contrary.
450     3.  Any thoroughbred permitholder which accepts wagers on a
451simulcast signal received after 6 p.m. must make such signal
452available to any permitholder that is eligible to conduct
453intertrack wagering under the provisions of ss. 550.615-
454550.6345, including any permitholder located as specified in s.
455550.615(8)(9). Such guest permitholders are authorized to accept
456wagers on such simulcast signals for a number of performances
457not to exceed that which constitutes a full schedule of live
458races for a quarter horse permitholder pursuant to s.
459550.002(11), notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter
460to the contrary, except that the restrictions provided in s.
461550.615(8)(9)(a) apply to wagers on such simulcast signals.
463No thoroughbred permitholder shall be required to continue to
464rebroadcast a simulcast signal to any in-state permitholder if
465the average per performance gross receipts returned to the host
466permitholder over the preceding 30-day period were less than
467$100. Subject to the provisions of s. 550.615(4), as a condition
468of receiving rebroadcasts of thoroughbred simulcast signals
469under this paragraph, a guest permitholder must accept
470intertrack wagers on all live races conducted by all then-
471operating thoroughbred permitholders.
472     Section 10.  Paragraph (c) of subsection (4) of section
473551.104, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
474     551.104  License to conduct slot machine gaming.-
475     (4)  As a condition of licensure and to maintain continued
476authority for the conduct of slot machine gaming, the slot
477machine licensee shall:
478     (c)  Conduct no fewer than a full schedule of live racing
479or games as defined in s. 550.002(11), except for holders of
480greyhound permits, which have no live racing requirement. A
481permitholder's responsibility to conduct such number of live
482races or games shall be reduced by the number of races or games
483that could not be conducted due to the direct result of fire,
484war, hurricane, or other disaster or event beyond the control of
485the permitholder.
486     Section 11.  Subsections (2) and (4) of section 551.114,
487Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
488     551.114  Slot machine gaming areas.-
489     (2)  The slot machine licensee shall display pari-mutuel
490races or games within the designated slot machine gaming areas
491and offer patrons within the designated slot machine gaming
492areas the ability to engage in pari-mutuel wagering on any live,
493intertrack, and simulcast races conducted or offered to patrons
494of the licensed facility.
495     (4)  Designated slot machine gaming areas may be located
496within the current live gaming facility or in an existing
497building that must be contiguous and connected to the live
498gaming facility, if applicable. If a designated slot machine
499gaming area is to be located in a building that is to be
500constructed, that new building must be contiguous and connected
501to the live gaming facility.
502     Section 12.  Paragraphs (a) and (b) of subsection (5) and
503paragraph (d) of subsection (13) of section 849.086, Florida
504Statutes, are amended to read:
505     849.086  Cardrooms authorized.-
506     (5)  LICENSE REQUIRED; APPLICATION; FEES.-No person may
507operate a cardroom in this state unless such person holds a
508valid cardroom license issued pursuant to this section.
509     (a)  Only those persons holding a valid cardroom license
510issued by the division may operate a cardroom. A cardroom
511license may only be issued to a licensed pari-mutuel
512permitholder and an authorized cardroom may only be operated at
513the same facility at which the permitholder is authorized under
514its valid pari-mutuel wagering permit to conduct pari-mutuel
515wagering activities. An initial cardroom license shall be issued
516to a pari-mutuel permitholder only after its facilities are in
517place and after it conducts its first day of live racing or
518games or, for a greyhound permitholder, only after it has
519conducted a full schedule of live racing in each of the
520preceding 10 years or after it was converted pursuant to s.
522     (b)  After the initial cardroom license is granted, the
523application for the annual license renewal shall be made in
524conjunction with the applicant's annual application for its
525pari-mutuel license. If a permitholder has operated a cardroom
526during any of the 3 previous fiscal years and fails to include a
527renewal request for the operation of the cardroom in its annual
528application for license renewal, the permitholder may amend its
529annual application to include operation of the cardroom. Except
530for greyhound permitholders, in order for a cardroom license to
531be renewed the applicant must have requested, as part of its
532pari-mutuel annual license application, to conduct at least 90
533percent of the total number of live performances conducted by
534such permitholder during either the state fiscal year in which
535its initial cardroom license was issued or the state fiscal year
536immediately prior thereto if the permitholder ran at least a
537full schedule of live racing or games in the prior year. If the
538application is for a harness permitholder cardroom, the
539applicant must have requested authorization to conduct a minimum
540of 140 live performances during the state fiscal year
541immediately prior thereto. If more than one permitholder is
542operating at a facility, each permitholder must have applied for
543a license to conduct a full schedule of live racing. However, a
544minimum number of requested or conducted live performances is
545not required in order for a greyhound permitholder to maintain
546or renew a cardroom license.
548     (d)1.  Each greyhound and jai alai permitholder that
549operates a cardroom facility shall use at least 4 percent of
550such permitholder's cardroom monthly gross receipts to
551supplement greyhound purses if live racing is conducted during a
552fiscal year, or jai alai prize money, respectively, during the
553permitholder's current or next ensuing pari-mutuel meet.
554     2.  Each thoroughbred and harness horse racing permitholder
555that operates a cardroom facility shall use at least 50 percent
556of such permitholder's cardroom monthly net proceeds as follows:
55747 percent to supplement purses and 3 percent to supplement
558breeders' awards during the permitholder's next ensuing racing
560     3.  No cardroom license or renewal thereof shall be issued
561to an applicant holding a permit under chapter 550 to conduct
562pari-mutuel wagering meets of quarter horse racing unless the
563applicant has on file with the division a binding written
564agreement between the applicant and the Florida Quarter Horse
565Racing Association or the association representing a majority of
566the horse owners and trainers at the applicant's eligible
567facility, governing the payment of purses on live quarter horse
568races conducted at the licensee's pari-mutuel facility. The
569agreement governing purses may direct the payment of such purses
570from revenues generated by any wagering or gaming the applicant
571is authorized to conduct under Florida law. All purses shall be
572subject to the terms of chapter 550.
573     Section 13.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2011.

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.