2011 Legislature                          SB 2162, 1st Engrossed
    2         An act relating to trust funds; creating the Welfare
    3         Transition Trust Fund within the Department of
    4         Education; providing for sources of funds and
    5         purposes; providing for future review and termination
    6         or re-creation of the trust fund; providing an
    7         effective date.
    9  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   11         Section 1. Welfare Transition Trust Fund.—
   12         (1) The Welfare Transition Trust Fund is created within the
   13  Department of Education.
   14         (2) The trust fund is established for use as a depository
   15  for receiving federal funds under the Temporary Assistance for
   16  Needy Families Program. Trust fund moneys shall be used
   17  exclusively for the purpose of providing services to individuals
   18  eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families pursuant to
   19  the requirements and limitations of part A of Title IV of the
   20  Social Security Act, as amended, or any other applicable federal
   21  requirement or limitation. Funds credited to the trust fund
   22  consist of those funds collected from the Temporary Assistance
   23  for Needy Families Block Grant.
   24         (3) In accordance with s. 19(f)(2), Article III of the
   25  State Constitution, the Welfare Transition Trust Fund shall,
   26  unless terminated sooner, be terminated on July 1, 2015. Before
   27  its scheduled termination, the trust fund shall be reviewed as
   28  provided in s. 215.3206(1) and (2), Florida Statutes.
   29         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2011, except
   30  that this act shall not take effect unless it is enacted by a
   31  three-fifths vote of the membership of each house of the
   32  Legislature.