Florida Senate - 2011                            (NP)    SR 2186
       By Senator Montford
       6-04066-11                                            20112186__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing the 2010 Lincoln “Trojans”
    3         High School Football Team, winners of the Florida High
    4         School Athletic Association Class 4A State
    5         Championship.
    7         WHEREAS, following the school’s motto of “A commitment to
    8  excellence,” the 2010 Lincoln “Trojans” High School Football
    9  Team won the Florida High School Athletic Association Class 4A
   10  State Championship on December 18, 2010, at the Florida Citrus
   11  Bowl by defeating nationally ranked Armwood High School by a
   12  score of 17 to 14, and
   13         WHEREAS, claiming the State Championship title, the 2010
   14  Lincoln “Trojans” High School Football Team finished the season
   15  with an 11-4 record, and the Trojans will begin their 2011
   16  season wearing the Nike swoosh as one of a select few “Elite”
   17  football programs in the state of Florida and the only football
   18  program in North Florida to receive this honor, and
   19         WHEREAS, under the outstanding leadership of Head Coach
   20  Yusuf Shakir, the 2010 Lincoln “Trojans” Football Team
   21  consistently demonstrated incredible skill, dedication,
   22  sportsmanship, and competitiveness throughout its remarkable
   23  season, and
   24         WHEREAS, in addition to Class 4A State Championships in
   25  1999 and 2001, the 2010 championship marks the third Florida
   26  High School Athletic Association State Championship for the
   27  “Trojans,” and
   28         WHEREAS, it is with great pride that the 2010 Lincoln
   29  “Trojans” High School Football Team is applauded for the
   30  historic accomplishments of its players and coaches and for the
   31  team’s contributions to both student athletics and the
   32  community, NOW, THEREFORE,
   34  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   36         That the Florida Senate honors the 2010 Lincoln “Trojans”
   37  High School Football Team for its outstanding record and for
   38  winning the 2010 Florida High School Athletic Association Class
   39  4A State Championship.
   40         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution, with
   41  the Seal of the Senate affixed, be presented to the 2010 Lincoln
   42  “Trojans” High School Football Team as a tangible token of the
   43  sentiments of the Florida Senate.