Bill No. CS/CS/CS/SB 408
Amendment No. 614831
Senate House

1Representative Artiles offered the following:
3     Amendment to Amendment (399507) (with title amendment)
4     Remove lines 3049-3088 and insert:
5(a)(b)  The insurer may limit its payment to the actual cash
6value of the sinkhole loss, which does not include including
7underpinning or grouting or any other repair technique performed
8below the existing foundation of the building, until the
9policyholder enters into a contract for the performance of
10building stabilization or foundation repairs.
11     (b)  After the policyholder enters into the contract, the
12insurer shall pay the amounts necessary to begin and perform
13such repairs as the work is performed and the expenses are
14incurred. The insurer may not require the policyholder to
15advance payment for such repairs. If repair covered by a
16personal lines residential property insurance policy has begun
17and the professional engineer selected or approved by the
18insurer determines that the repair cannot be completed within
19the policy limits, the insurer must either complete the
20professional engineer's recommended repair or tender the policy
21limits to the policyholder without a reduction for the repair
22expenses incurred.
23     (c)  The stabilization and all other repairs to the
24structure and contents must be completed within 12 months after
25entering into the contract for repairs described in paragraph
26(b) unless:
27     1.  There is a mutual agreement between the insurer and the
29     2.  The claim is involved with the neutral evaluation
31     3.  The claim is in litigation; or
32     4.  The claim is under appraisal or mediation.
33     (d)(c)  Upon the insurer's obtaining the written approval
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
38     Remove lines 3696-3698 and insert:
39insurers; providing a time limitation for demanding sinkhole
40testing by a policyholder; requiring all repairs to be

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