Florida Senate - 2011                                     SB 558
       By Senator Wise
       5-00851-11                                             2011558__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to school district revenue
    3         enhancement; amending s. 14.2015, F.S.; requiring the
    4         Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development to
    5         sell naming rights for a public school facility or
    6         space for commercial advertising to be displayed on
    7         school buses or a public school facility to a private
    8         sector business or entity pursuant to an agreement
    9         with a district school board; providing requirements
   10         for a contract for sale and remittance of contract
   11         revenues; creating s. 1011.762, F.S.; authorizing a
   12         district school board to enter into an agreement with
   13         the Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development
   14         for a contract for sale for school district revenue
   15         enhancement; providing for district school board
   16         requirements for the naming of a public school
   17         facility or advertising on school buses or public
   18         school facilities; providing an effective date.
   20  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   22         Section 1. Subsection (2) of section 14.2015, Florida
   23  Statutes, is amended to read:
   24         14.2015 Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development;
   25  creation; powers and duties.—
   26         (2) The purpose of the Office of Tourism, Trade, and
   27  Economic Development is to assist the Governor in working with
   28  the Legislature, state agencies, local governmental agencies,
   29  business leaders, and economic development professionals to
   30  formulate and implement coherent and consistent policies and
   31  strategies designed to provide economic opportunities for all
   32  Floridians. To accomplish such purposes, the Office of Tourism,
   33  Trade, and Economic Development shall:
   34         (a) Contract, notwithstanding the provisions of part I of
   35  chapter 287, with the direct-support organization created under
   36  s. 288.1229 to guide, stimulate, and promote the sports industry
   37  in the state, to promote the participation of Florida’s citizens
   38  in amateur athletic competition, and to promote Florida as a
   39  host for national and international amateur athletic
   40  competitions.
   41         (b) Monitor the activities of public-private partnerships
   42  and state agencies in order to avoid duplication and promote
   43  coordinated and consistent implementation of programs in areas
   44  including, but not limited to, tourism; international trade and
   45  investment; business recruitment, creation, retention, and
   46  expansion; workforce development; minority and small business
   47  development; and rural community development. As part of its
   48  responsibilities under this paragraph, the office shall work
   49  with Enterprise Florida, Inc., and Workforce Florida, Inc., to
   50  ensure that, to the maximum extent possible, there are direct
   51  linkages between the economic development and workforce
   52  development goals and strategies of the state.
   53         (c) Facilitate the direct involvement of the Governor and
   54  the Lieutenant Governor in economic development and workforce
   55  development projects designed to create, expand, and retain
   56  Florida businesses and to recruit worldwide business, as well as
   57  in other job-creating efforts.
   58         (d) Assist the Governor, in cooperation with Enterprise
   59  Florida, Inc., Workforce Florida, Inc., and the Florida
   60  Commission on Tourism, in preparing an annual report to the
   61  Legislature on the state of the business climate in Florida and
   62  on the state of economic development in Florida which will
   63  include the identification of problems and the recommendation of
   64  solutions. This report shall be submitted to the President of
   65  the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the
   66  Senate Minority Leader, and the House Minority Leader by January
   67  1 of each year, and it shall be in addition to the Governor’s
   68  message to the Legislature under the State Constitution and any
   69  other economic reports required by law.
   70         (e) Plan and conduct at least one meeting per calendar year
   71  of leaders in business, government, education, workforce
   72  development, and economic development called by the Governor to
   73  address the business climate in the state, develop a common
   74  vision for the economic future of the state, and identify
   75  economic development efforts to fulfill that vision.
   76         (f)1. Administer the Florida Enterprise Zone Act under ss.
   77  290.001-290.016, the community contribution tax credit program
   78  under ss. 220.183 and 624.5105, the tax refund program for
   79  qualified target industry businesses under s. 288.106, the tax
   80  refund program for qualified defense contractors and space
   81  flight business contractors under s. 288.1045, contracts for
   82  transportation projects under s. 288.063, the sports franchise
   83  facility programs under ss. 288.1162 and 288.11621, the
   84  professional golf hall of fame facility program under s.
   85  288.1168, the expedited permitting process under s. 403.973, the
   86  Rural Community Development Revolving Loan Fund under s.
   87  288.065, the Regional Rural Development Grants Program under s.
   88  288.018, the Certified Capital Company Act under s. 288.99, the
   89  Florida State Rural Development Council, the Rural Economic
   90  Development Initiative, and other programs that are specifically
   91  assigned to the office by law, by the appropriations process, or
   92  by the Governor. Notwithstanding any other provisions of law,
   93  the office may expend interest earned from the investment of
   94  program funds deposited in the Grants and Donations Trust Fund
   95  to contract for the administration of the programs, or portions
   96  of the programs, enumerated in this paragraph or assigned to the
   97  office by law, by the appropriations process, or by the
   98  Governor. Such expenditures shall be subject to review under
   99  chapter 216.
  100         2. The office may enter into contracts in connection with
  101  the fulfillment of its duties concerning the Florida First
  102  Business Bond Pool under chapter 159, tax incentives under
  103  chapters 212 and 220, tax incentives under the Certified Capital
  104  Company Act in chapter 288, foreign offices under chapter 288,
  105  the Enterprise Zone program under chapter 290, the Seaport
  106  Employment Training program under chapter 311, the Florida
  107  Professional Sports Team License Plates under chapter 320,
  108  Spaceport Florida under chapter 331, Expedited Permitting under
  109  chapter 403, and in carrying out other functions that are
  110  specifically assigned to the office by law, by the
  111  appropriations process, or by the Governor.
  112         (g) Administer the Black Business Loan Program, the purpose
  113  of which is to leverage state, local, and private funds to
  114  provide loans and loan guarantees to black business enterprises
  115  that cannot obtain capital through conventional lending
  116  institutions but that otherwise could compete successfully in
  117  the private sector.
  118         (h) Serve as contract administrator for the state with
  119  respect to contracts with Enterprise Florida, Inc., the Florida
  120  Commission on Tourism, Space Florida, and all direct-support
  121  organizations under this act, excluding those relating to
  122  tourism. To accomplish the provisions of this act and applicable
  123  provisions of chapter 288, and notwithstanding the provisions of
  124  part I of chapter 287, the office shall enter into specific
  125  contracts with Enterprise Florida, Inc., the Florida Commission
  126  on Tourism, Space Florida, and other appropriate direct-support
  127  organizations. Such contracts may be multiyear and shall include
  128  specific performance measures for each year.
  129         (i) Provide administrative oversight for the Office of Film
  130  and Entertainment, created under s. 288.1251, to develop,
  131  promote, and provide services to the state’s entertainment
  132  industry and to administratively house the Florida Film and
  133  Entertainment Advisory Council created under s. 288.1252.
  134         (j) Prepare and submit as a separate budget entity a
  135  unified budget request for tourism, trade, and economic
  136  development in accordance with chapter 216 for, and in
  137  conjunction with, Enterprise Florida, Inc., and its boards, the
  138  Florida Commission on Tourism and its direct-support
  139  organization, the Florida Black Business Investment Board, the
  140  Office of Film and Entertainment, and the direct-support
  141  organization created to promote the sports industry.
  142         (k) Adopt rules, as necessary, to carry out its functions
  143  in connection with the administration of the Qualified Target
  144  Industry program, the Qualified Defense Contractor program, the
  145  Certified Capital Company Act, the Enterprise Zone program, and
  146  the Florida First Business Bond pool.
  147         (l) Sell the naming rights for a public school facility or
  148  space for commercial advertising to be displayed on school buses
  149  or a public school facility to a private sector business or
  150  entity pursuant to an agreement with a district school board
  151  pursuant to s. 1011.762. A contract for sale shall be subject to
  152  district school board approval and may be a multiyear contract.
  153  Ninety-five percent of the revenue from a contract shall be
  154  remitted to the district school board to provide revenue
  155  enhancement for the school district and 5 percent of the revenue
  156  shall be retained by the office.
  157         Section 2. Section 1011.762, Florida Statutes, is created
  158  to read:
  159         1011.762 School district revenue enhancement.—
  160         (1) Each district school board may enter into an agreement
  161  with the Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development for
  162  the sale of the naming rights for a public school facility or of
  163  space for commercial advertising to be displayed on the exterior
  164  or interior of school buses or a public school facility by the
  165  office pursuant to s. 14.2015(2)(l). The agreement shall include
  166  requirements for display, and the contract for sale is subject
  167  to district school board approval. Ninety-five percent of the
  168  revenue from a contract for sale shall be remitted to the
  169  district school board to provide school district revenue
  170  enhancement.
  171         (2)(a) A district school board shall establish requirements
  172  for the naming of a public school facility or advertising on
  173  school buses or a public school facility which are age and
  174  content appropriate and do not interfere with the safety of
  175  students.
  176         (b) A district school board shall determine the use of
  177  revenue generated by a contract for sale pursuant to s.
  178  14.2015(2)(l).
  179         Section 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2011.