Bill No. CS/CS/HB 661
Amendment No. 021099
Senate House

1Representative Jones offered the following:
3     Amendment (with title amendment)
4     Between lines 197 and 198, insert:
5     Section 3.  Paragraph (a) of subsection (2) of section
6400.191, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
7     400.191  Availability, distribution, and posting of reports
8and records.-
9     (2)  The agency shall publish the Nursing Home Guide
10quarterly in electronic form to assist consumers and their
11families in comparing and evaluating nursing home facilities.
12     (a)  The agency shall provide an Internet site which shall
13include at least the following information either directly or
14indirectly through a link to another established site or sites
15of the agency's choosing:
16     1.  A section entitled "Have you considered programs that
17provide alternatives to nursing home care?" which shall be the
18first section of the Nursing Home Guide and which shall
19prominently display information about available alternatives to
20nursing homes and how to obtain additional information regarding
21these alternatives. The Nursing Home Guide shall explain that
22this state offers alternative programs that permit qualified
23elderly persons to stay in their homes instead of being placed
24in nursing homes and shall encourage interested persons to call
25the Comprehensive Assessment Review and Evaluation for Long-Term
26Care Services (CARES) Program to inquire if they qualify. The
27Nursing Home Guide shall list available home and community-based
28programs which shall clearly state the services that are
29provided and indicate whether nursing home services are included
30if needed.
31     2.  A list by name and address of all nursing home
32facilities in this state, including any prior name by which a
33facility was known during the previous 24-month period.
34     3.  Whether such nursing home facilities are proprietary or
36     4.  The current owner of the facility's license and the
37year that that entity became the owner of the license.
38     5.  The name of the owner or owners of each facility and
39whether the facility is affiliated with a company or other
40organization owning or managing more than one nursing facility
41in this state.
42     6.  The total number of beds in each facility and the most
43recently available occupancy levels.
44     7.  The number of private and semiprivate rooms in each
46     8.  The religious affiliation, if any, of each facility.
47     9.  Information about the family council, or similar
48organization, in each facility and the name and telephone number
49of the council's, or the organization's, president or presiding
51     10.9.  The languages spoken by the administrator and staff
52of each facility.
53     11.10.  Whether or not each facility accepts Medicare or
54Medicaid recipients or insurance, health maintenance
55organization, Veterans Administration, CHAMPUS program, or
56workers' compensation coverage.
57     12.11.  Recreational and other programs available at each
59     13.12.  Special care units or programs offered at each
61     14.13.  Whether the facility is a part of a retirement
62community that offers other services pursuant to part III of
63this chapter or part I or part III of chapter 429.
64     15.14.  Survey and deficiency information, including all
65federal and state recertification, licensure, revisit, and
66complaint survey information, for each facility for the past 30
67months. For noncertified nursing homes, state survey and
68deficiency information, including licensure, revisit, and
69complaint survey information for the past 30 months shall be
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
75     Remove line 16 and insert:
76certain entities; amending s. 400.191, F.S.; requiring the
77Agency for Health Care Administration to list information about
78nursing home family councils in a mandated report; providing
79applicability; providing for

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