Bill No. CS/HB 7209
Amendment No. 526183
Senate House

1Representative Sands offered the following:
3     Amendment (with title amendment)
4     Between lines 950 and 951, insert:
5     Section 27.  Subsection (3) of section 582.30, Florida
6Statutes, is amended to read:
7     582.30  Discontinuance of districts; referendum;
8commissioner's authority.-
9     (3)(a)  In the alternative, upon review and recommendation
10of the Soil and Water Conservation Council regarding the
11continued viability of a district, the Commissioner of
12Agriculture may dissolve or discontinue a such district if, upon
13the review and recommendation of the Soil and Water Conservation
14Council regarding the continued viability of the district, the
15commissioner certifies that the continued operation of the
16district is not administratively practicable and feasible. The
17commissioner may dissolve or discontinue a district without the
18council's review or recommendation if the district fails to
19comply with any audit or financial reporting requirement of
20chapter 189 and, upon review, the department's inspector general
21confirms that the district failed to comply with such
23     (b)  Notice of such proposed certification shall be
24published once a week for 2 weeks in a newspaper of general
25circulation within the county or counties wherein the district
26is located, stating the name of the district and a general
27description of the territory included in the district, and
28requiring that any objections to the proposed dissolution or any
29claims against the assets of the district must be filed with the
30department clerk not later than 60 days following the date of
31last publication.
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
35     Remove line 2 and insert:
36An act relating to the
38     Remove line 97 and insert:
39reference to a local business tax receipt; amending s.
40582.30, F.S.; authorizing the Commissioner of Agriculture
41to dissolve or discontinue a soil and water conservation
42district without the review or recommendation of the Soil
43and Water Conservation Council under certain
44circumstances; amending ss.

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