HB 797

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to interscholastic and intrascholastic
3sports; amending s. 1006.15, F.S.; removing certain
4provisions relating to a pilot program in which a middle
5school student or a high school student in a private
6school may participate in athletics at a public school;
7providing for statewide implementation of the program;
8requiring that the athletic director of each public school
9maintain the records of students participating in the
10program; requiring that any private school that is not a
11member of the Florida High School Athletic Association
12make the records of participating students available to
13the association upon request; requiring that a student
14apply to participate in the program through the
15appropriate application process; limiting participation in
16the program to students who are enrolled in non-FHSAA
17member private schools consisting of a maximum number of
18students; providing an effective date.
20Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
22     Section 1.  Subsection (8) of section 1006.15, Florida
23Statutes, is amended to read:
24     1006.15  Student standards for participation in
25interscholastic and intrascholastic extracurricular student
26activities; regulation.-
27     (8)(a)  The Florida High School Athletic Association
28(FHSAA), in cooperation with each the district school board
29boards of Bradford County, Duval County, and Nassau County,
30shall facilitate a 2-year pilot program during the 2008-2009 and
312009-2010 academic years in which a middle school or high school
32student who attends a private school shall be eligible to
33participate in an interscholastic or intrascholastic sport at a
34public high school, a public middle school, or a 6-12 public
35school that is zoned for the physical address at which the
36student resides if:
37     1.  The private school in which the student is enrolled is
38not a member of the FHSAA and does not offer an interscholastic
39or intrascholastic athletic program.
40     2.  The private school student meets the guidelines for the
41conduct of the pilot program established by the FHSAA's board of
42directors and the participating district school board boards. At
43a minimum, such guidelines shall provide:
44     a.  A deadline for each sport by which the private school
45student's parents must register with the public school in
46writing their intent for their child to participate at that
47school in the sport.
48     b.  Requirements for a private school student to
49participate, including, but not limited to, meeting the same
50standards of eligibility, acceptance, behavior, educational
51progress, and performance which that apply to other students
52participating in interscholastic or intrascholastic sports at a
53public school or FHSAA member private school.
54     (b)  The parents of a private school student participating
55in a public school sport under this subsection are responsible
56for transporting their child to and from the public school at
57which the student participates. The private school the student
58attends, the public school at which the student participates in
59a sport, the district school board, and the FHSAA are exempt
60from civil liability arising from any injury that occurs to the
61student during such transportation.
62     (c)  For each academic year, a private school student may
63only participate at the public school in which the student is
64first registered under sub-subparagraph (a)2.a. or makes himself
65or herself a candidate for an athletic team by engaging in a
67     (d)  The athletic director of each participating FHSAA
68member public school shall maintain the student records
69necessary for eligibility, compliance, and participation in the
71     (e)  Any non-FHSAA member private school that has a student
72who wishes to participate in this program must make all student
73records, including, but not limited to, academic, financial,
74disciplinary, and attendance records, available upon request of
75the FHSAA.
76     (f)  A student must apply to participate in this program
77through the FHSAA program application process.
78     (g)  Only students who are enrolled in non-FHSAA member
79private schools consisting of 125 students or fewer are eligible
80to participate in the program in any given academic year.
81     (d)  The FHSAA and participating district school boards
82shall submit to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and
83the Speaker of the House of Representatives:
84     1.  A copy of the guidelines established under subparagraph
85(a)2. for the pilot program no later than August 1, 2008.
86     2.  A report on the progress of the pilot program no later
87than January 1, 2010. The report shall include the number of
88students registered under sub-subparagraph (a)2.a., the number
89of students found eligible to participate in the pilot program,
90the number of students who transfer to the public schools at
91which the students participated under the pilot program,
92implementation issues experienced with the pilot program, and
93recommendations on how the pilot program may be improved and
94expanded to include other counties.
95     (e)  This subsection shall stand repealed on June 30, 2010,
96unless reviewed and reenacted by the Legislature.
97     Section 2.  This act shall take effect upon becoming a law.

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.