HR 9085

House Resolution
2A resolution recognizing April 2011 as "Sexual Assault
3Awareness Month" in Florida.
5     WHEREAS, sexual assault continues to be a major social
6crisis in our society, with one in nine women in Florida being a
7survivor of sexual violence, and
8     WHEREAS, sexual assault affects many Floridians, either
9directly, as the survivor of sexual assault, or indirectly, as a
10family member, friend, neighbor, or coworker of the survivor,
12     WHEREAS, sexual assault has a devastating effect on
13survivors, affecting every aspect of their lives, often leading
14to posttraumatic stress disorder and increasing the risk of
15depression, suicide, homelessness, and substance abuse, and
16     WHEREAS, volunteers and service providers in Florida's 30
17certified rape crisis centers work to provide a continuum of
18care to sexual assault survivors through 24-hour hotlines,
19counseling, support groups, advocacy, medical care, and
20education, and
21     WHEREAS, the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence seeks
22to improve services for survivors of sexual assault and to
23prevent future sexual assault through public awareness and
24services for victims, and
25     WHEREAS, Lauren's Kids, Inc., the organization founded by
26child sexual abuse survivor and educator Lauren Book-Lim, in
27conjunction with the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence,
28has organized the second annual "Walk In My Shoes," a 1,000-
29mile, healing-journey walk across Florida which symbolizes the
30long and painful road to recovery for survivors of sexual
31assault, and
32     WHEREAS, this "Walk In My Shoes" walk from Key West to
33Tallahassee will help provide awareness, guidance, and support
34for survivors while also working to educate adults and children
35about sexual assault, including the message that it is
36acceptable to tell others about abuse that they have
37experienced, and
38     WHEREAS, the Florida House of Representatives recognizes
39the vital importance of designating a time devoted to increasing
40public awareness and support of agencies providing services to
41sexual assault survivors, and envisions a future in which all
42communities are free of sexual violence, NOW, THEREFORE,
44Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of
47     That April 2011 is recognized as "Sexual Assault Awareness
48Month" in Florida.
49     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be
50presented to the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence and
51Lauren's Kids, Inc., as a tangible token of the sentiments
52expressed herein.

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