GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS BILL                          Committee       Amendment
SB2000                                                  BJA             26SA

Senator(s) Bogdanoff moved the following LATE FILED SUBSTITUTE AMENDMENT 
for 26 (995048):

Section: 72              EXPLANATION:

On Page: 388             Adds a section approving Legislative Budget 
                         Commission Amendment EOG #B2012-0238 as submitted on 
Spec App:                January 25, 2012, to the Back of the Bill. This 
                         budget amendment transfers general revenue funds 
                         totaling $144,532,675 within the Department of 
                         Corrections from the Private Prison Operations 
                         appropriations category to traditional operating 
                         appropriations categories to continue state prison 
                         operations for the correctional facilities located 
                         in the 18 counties of Region IV in south Florida. 
                         This section applies unless the Legislative Budget 
                         Commission approves the budget amendment prior to 
                         the act becoming law.  This section will be 
                         effective upon becoming law.

NET IMPACT ON:            Total Funds       General Revenue          Trust Funds
    Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 
Non-Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 

                                               Positions & Amount   Positions & Amount
                                                     DELETE         INSERT

        In Section 72  On Page 388

INSERT the following new Back of the Bill section and renumber all 
subsequent sections:

Section 72.  Unless Budget Amendment EOG #B2012-0238 is approved by the 
Legislative Budget Commission prior to this act becoming law, the 
Legislature hereby adopts by reference the changes to the approved 
operating budget as set forth in Budget Amendment EOG #B2012-0238 as 
submitted on January 25, 2012, by the Governor on behalf of the 
Department of Corrections for approval by the Legislative Budget 
Commission.  The Governor shall modify the approved operating budget for 
Fiscal Year 2011-2012 consistent with the amendment.  This section is 
effective upon becoming law.

 995075  Log:0055  DMS/DMS           02/22/12 10:19:09 PM  Senate  Page: 1