Florida Senate - 2012                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 2096
                                Barcode 210454                          
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                  Comm: RCS            .                                
                  02/16/2012           .                                

       The Committee on Criminal Justice (Evers) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 31 - 93
    4  and insert:
    5         Section 1. Community reentry program.
    6         (1)(a)The Department of Corrections shall develop an
    7  operational plan to implement a community reentry program for
    8  the 2013-2014 fiscal year.
    9         (b)At a minimum, the operational plan for the program must
   10  describe and document:
   11         1. The resources needed for the program, including, but not
   12  limited to, specific buildings, grounds, and property that must
   13  be obtained or redesignated for residential community reentry
   14  facilities and reentry services.
   15         2.The placement of facilities and services in specific
   16  areas to maximize the opportunity for participating inmates to
   17  benefit from being located near where they plan to live after
   18  completion of their sentences.
   19         3. The additional staff or changes to staff qualifications
   20  necessary to operate the program.
   21         4. The contracts the program intends to use for private
   22  providers who desire to provide a portion of the reentry
   23  services and programming to eligible inmates.
   24         5. The security staffing plan.
   25         6. The programming plan.
   26         7. The proposed budget.
   27         8.The process and method for selecting an inmate to
   28  participate in the program, including any initial screening
   29  process, the criteria used in the risk assessment, and any
   30  prioritization of placement.
   31         9. The changes in law that are necessary to implement the
   32  program.
   33         (2)(a) The program shall be designed to provide residential
   34  care, custody, control, and reentry services to eligible
   35  inmates.
   36         (b) For the purpose of the program, the reentry services
   37  include, but are not limited to, substance abuse treatment,
   38  housing assistance, money management training, employment
   39  assistance, vocational education, and life skills training.
   40         (3) All inmates who are within 36 months of their release
   41  date shall be considered for participation in the program. The
   42  selection shall be based upon a risk assessment process that
   43  includes, but is not limited to, whether:
   44         (a) The inmate has potential for rehabilitation and the
   45  need for reentry services.
   46         (b) The reduction of risk of harm to the community after
   47  completion of the inmate’s sentence which would result from his
   48  or her participation in the program is outweighed by any risk of
   49  harm to the community which would be posed by the inmate while
   50  participating in the program.
   51         (c) The inmate can be placed in the geographic area where
   52  he or she is from, or has family or identified friends, and
   53  intends to reside in the area upon release from custody.
   54         (4)An inmate who is selected for participation must be
   55  transferred into the program not later than 24 months before his
   56  or her current release date. An inmate who is already within 24
   57  months of his or her current release date when selected must be
   58  placed into the program as soon as a position is available.
   59         (5)The program may include an existing community work
   60  release program established pursuant to s. 945.091, Florida
   61  Statutes, as a service provider, but the existing program must
   62  provide enhanced reentry services to participating inmates.
   64  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   65         And the title is amended as follows:
   66         Delete lines 2 - 18
   67  and insert:
   68         An act relating to community reentry programs;
   69         requiring the Department of Corrections to develop an
   70         operational plan to implement a community reentry
   71         program; requiring that the operational plan describe
   72         the necessary facilities, staff, budget, and methods
   73         for selecting inmates to participate in the reentry
   74         program; providing examples of reentry services;
   75         requiring that all inmates who are within 36 months of
   76         their release date be considered for participation in
   77         the community reentry program; providing criteria to
   78         assess the risk of placing an inmate in the reentry
   79         program; requiring that an inmate who is selected for
   80         participation in the reentry program be transferred
   81         into the program no later than 24 months before his or
   82         her release date; amending s. 945.091, F.S.; deleting
   83         a