HB 703

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to the Gaming Compact between the
3Seminole Tribe of Florida and the State of Florida;
4amending s. 285.710, F.S.; directing the Governor to
5negotiate and execute an amendment to the compact for
6certain purposes; conforming cross-references;
7amending s. 285.712, F.S.; designating the Governor as
8the state officer responsible for negotiating and
9executing amendments to existing tribal gaming
10compacts; requiring certain amendments to such compact
11to be conditioned on ratification by the Legislature;
12providing an effective date.
14Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
16     Section 1.  Subsections (4) through (14) of section
17285.710, Florida Statutes, are renumbered as subsections (5)
18through (15), respectively, present subsections (9), (11), and
19(14) are amended, and a new subsection (4) is added to that
20section, to read:
21     285.710  Compact authorization.-
22     (4)  The Governor is authorized and directed to negotiate
23and execute an amendment to the compact on behalf of the state
24with the Tribe pursuant to the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory
25Act of 1988, 18 U.S.C. ss. 1166-1168 and 25 U.S.C. ss. 2701 et
26seq., and s. 285.712 for the purpose of authorizing expanded
27class III gaming at the locations specified in the compact. The
28terms to be negotiated in an amendment to the compact shall be:
29     (a)  Additional covered games offered to include all banked
30card games, roulette, and craps; however, additional locations
31other than those listed in Part IV, Section B of the compact may
32not be authorized.
33     (b)  An extension of the guaranteed minimum revenue sharing
34cycle and guaranteed minimum compact term from 5 years to 20
35years after the effective date of the compact.
36     (c)  In consideration of the additional covered games, a
37requirement that the Tribe increase the guaranteed minimum
38annual revenue sharing under Part XI of the compact to at least
39$750 million per year.
40     (10)(9)  The moneys paid by the Tribe to the state for the
41benefit of exclusivity under the compact ratified by this
42section shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund. Three
43percent of the amount paid by the Tribe to the state shall be
44designated as the local government share and shall be
45distributed as provided in subsections (11) (10) and (12) (11).
46     (12)(11)  Upon receipt of the annual audited revenue
47figures from the Tribe and completion of the calculations as
48provided in subsection (11) (10), the state compliance agency
49shall certify the results to the Chief Financial Officer and
50shall request the distributions to be paid from the General
51Revenue Fund within 30 days after authorization of nonoperating
52budget authority pursuant to s. 216.181(12).
53     (15)(14)  Notwithstanding any other provision of state law,
54it is not a crime for a person to participate in the games
55specified in subsection (14) (13) at a tribal facility operating
56under the compact entered into pursuant to this section.
57     Section 2.  Section 285.712, Florida Statutes, is amended
58to read:
59     285.712  Tribal-state gaming compacts.-
60     (1)  The Governor is the designated state officer
61responsible for negotiating and executing, on behalf of the
62state, tribal-state gaming compacts or amendments to tribal-
63state gaming compacts authorized under subsection (2) with
64federally recognized Indian tribes located within the state
65pursuant to the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, 18
66U.S.C. ss. 1166-1168 and 25 U.S.C. ss. 2701 et seq., for the
67purpose of authorizing class III gaming, as defined in that act,
68on Indian lands within the state.
69     (2)  Any tribal-state compact relating to gaming
70activities, or any amendment that alters provisions relating to
71covered games, the amount of revenue sharing payments,
72suspension or reduction in payments, or exclusivity in an
73existing tribal-state gaming compact, which is entered into by
74an Indian tribe in this state and the Governor pursuant to
75subsection (1) must be conditioned upon ratification by the
77     (3)  Following completion of negotiations and execution of
78a compact or an amendment to a compact authorized under
79subsection (2), the Governor shall submit a copy of the executed
80tribal-state compact or amendment to the President of the Senate
81and the Speaker of the House of Representatives as soon as it is
82executed. To be effective, the compact or amendment must be
83ratified by both houses of the Legislature by a majority vote of
84the members present. The Governor shall file the executed
85compact or amendment with the Secretary of State pursuant to s.
87     (4)  Upon receipt of an act ratifying a tribal-state
88compact, the Secretary of State shall forward a copy of the
89executed compact and the ratifying act to the United States
90Secretary of the Interior for his or her review and approval, in
91accordance with 25 U.S.C. s. 2710(8)(d).
92     Section 3.  This act shall take effect upon becoming a law.

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