Florida Senate - 2013                            (NP)    SR 1846
       By Senator Galvano
       26-03439-13                                           20131846__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution commending the Phi Theta Kappa 2013 All
    3         Florida Academic Team.
    5         WHEREAS, Phi Theta Kappa, the esteemed international honor
    6  society for state and community college students, is recognized
    7  internationally, nationally, and in this state as the primary
    8  community college organization for the recognition of academic
    9  achievement, leadership, and service to the community, and
   10         WHEREAS, 125 students from the Florida College System and
   11  two private institutions were named to the Phi Theta Kappa 2013
   12  All-Florida Academic Team, and
   13         WHEREAS, based on the national ranking of these students in
   14  the All-USA Academic Team competition sponsored by USA Today and
   15  Phi Theta Kappa, the following students comprise the 2013 All
   16  Florida Academic Team: Brenda Acevedo, Florida Gateway College;
   17  Naimah Alamin, Indian River State College; Juan Alderete,
   18  Broward College; Rachel Andrews, Pensacola State College; Amanda
   19  Arce, Hillsborough Community College; Frederick Ashby, Seminole
   20  State College of Florida; Angela Bardwell-Owens, Valencia
   21  College; Alexandria Beasley, College of Central Florida; Stacey
   22  Bowcott, Lake-Sumter State College; Garrett Bremer, Hillsborough
   23  Community College; Jessica Britt Viera, Seminole State College
   24  of Florida; Dawn Brooks, Keiser University; Richard Brown, Lake
   25  Sumter State College; Jessica Brown, St. Johns River State
   26  College; Kristen Brown, St. Petersburg College; Susan Cabrera,
   27  Hillsborough Community College; Diane Castillo, Seminole State
   28  College of Florida; Lisa Charney, St. Johns River State College;
   29  Craig Corlis, St. Petersburg College; Casey Covel, Brevard
   30  Community College; Jennifer Creamer-White, Pasco-Hernando
   31  Community College; Alivia Dandurand, Brevard Community College;
   32  Maria Lourdes De Las Cuevas, Miami Dade College; Rosendo De
   33  Vicente, Miami Dade College; Rafael Diaz, Miami Dade College;
   34  Justin Donakowski, Lake-Sumter State College; Jodian Dunann,
   35  Broward College; Kemone Eldridge, Indian River State College;
   36  Cameron Felski, Brevard Community College; Elizabeth Fernandez,
   37  Miami Dade College; Jessica Figueroa, Broward College; Vanessa
   38  Fleites, Miami Dade College; Brandon Fong, St. Petersburg
   39  College; Fiorella Gallo, Seminole State College of Florida;
   40  Christine Gambino, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota;
   41  Brett Gernertt, Daytona State College; Nicole Gomez, College of
   42  Central Florida; Samantha Gross, Daytona State College; Brittany
   43  Haas, Indian River State College; William Hammontree, Florida
   44  College; Tara Hazel, Indian River State College; Madeline Heath,
   45  State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota; Cameron Henry,
   46  Florida Keys Community College; Jennifer Hill, Pensacola State
   47  College; Catrina Hopkins, St. Petersburg College; Andres
   48  Hortensi, Miami Dade College; Blakelyn Hoyt, St. Johns River
   49  State College; Catherine Hudson, St. Johns River State College;
   50  Terrencia Iles, Pasco-Hernando Community College; Katrina
   51  Jammer, Northwest Florida State College; Diana Jarrard,
   52  Hillsborough Community College; Jessica Johnston, Pasco-Hernando
   53  Community College; Jacob Jordan, South Florida State College;
   54  Sherry Katheren, College of Central Florida; Austin Kercheville,
   55  Florida College; Tecla Kindschi, Brevard Community College;
   56  Eunmi Ko, St. Petersburg College; Connie Koehler, Indian River
   57  State College; Stephanie Kupiec, Palm Beach State College; Erica
   58  Laboissoniere, Santa Fe College; Andrew Land, North Florida
   59  Community College; Stephanie Lansford, Florida Gateway College;
   60  Julia Lashure, Broward College; Karen Lewandowski, Hillsborough
   61  Community College; Charlene Maine, Daytona State College; Mahru
   62  Malekiha, Miami Dade College; Mahsa Malekiha, Miami Dade
   63  College; Monica Manjarres, Polk State College; Alexander
   64  Manjarres, Polk State College; Amanda Mazzella, Brevard
   65  Community College; Morgan McLaughlin, Northwest Florida State
   66  College; William McNair, Northwest Florida State College;
   67  McKenzie Merritt, Indian River State College; Christones Michel,
   68  Miami Dade College; Kimberly Miller, Edison State College; Steve
   69  Minciulescu, Daytona State College; Gustavo Monaco Berta, Indian
   70  River State College; Michelle Morales-Pineda, Valencia College;
   71  Jeffrey Morris, Broward College; Jessica Mueller, Edison State
   72  College; Christopher Naulty, Brevard Community College; Thao
   73  Nguyen, Hillsborough Community College; Jessica Ocariz, Miami
   74  Dade College; Lidia O’Shields, State College of Florida,
   75  Manatee-Sarasota; Richard Parada, Seminole State College of
   76  Florida; Hinesha Patel, Daytona State College; Tiffany Perez,
   77  Valencia College; Adriana Perez-Leyva, Miami Dade College;
   78  Bryana Perkins, Pasco-Hernando Community College; Selena
   79  Phillips, North Florida Community College; Thomas Luke Pittman,
   80  Valencia College; Johanna Poblano, Palm Beach State College;
   81  Sarah Power, Santa Fe College; Kamal Qumbargi, Indian River
   82  State College; Mc Harry Ramos, South Florida State College;
   83  Kristen Richard, Northwest Florida State College; Lisa Rios,
   84  Gulf Coast State College; Steven Rivadeneira, Miami Dade
   85  College; Andres Roque, Miami Dade College; Jessica Roubert,
   86  Pasco-Hernando Community College; Brian Rushing, Hillsborough
   87  Community College; Olben Saint Fleur, Indian River State
   88  College; Sara Sanchez, Miami Dade College; Duane Santana,
   89  Florida State College at Jacksonville; Nicole Schuyler,
   90  Hillsborough Community College; Gisella Segarra, Broward
   91  College; Kelly Simms, College of Central Florida; Laura Stevens,
   92  Palm Beach State College; Lisa Stevens, St. Petersburg College;
   93  Kim Stingo, Palm Beach State College; Elizabeth Strople, Daytona
   94  State College; Stephanie Summers, Indian River State College;
   95  James Thermidor, Edison State College; Maria Thurber, St.
   96  Petersburg College; Kaylee Toole, Chipola College; Marsha
   97  Vickers, St. Johns River State College; Natassia Wakey, State
   98  College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota; John Whittington, Chipola
   99  College; Darrin Williams, Hillsborough Community College; Jacob
  100  Wilson, Polk State College; Shantel Young, Brevard Community
  101  College; Ashley Young, Hillsborough Community College; Ying
  102  Zhang, Lake-Sumter State College; Dora Zion, Gulf Coast State
  103  College; Jenna Zuyus, Daytona State College; and
  104         WHEREAS, each member of the Phi Theta Kappa 2013 All
  105  Florida Academic Team has demonstrated impressive intellect and
  106  leadership, and a determination to achieve academic excellence,
  107  and
  108         WHEREAS, the outstanding efforts of the members of the Phi
  109  Theta Kappa 2013 All-Florida Academic Team have earned for
  110  themselves and their academic institutions the respect and
  111  admiration of this body and of all Floridians, NOW, THEREFORE,
  113  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
  115         That we commend the Phi Theta Kappa 2013 All-Florida
  116  Academic Team for their outstanding academic achievement and
  117  commitment to service to their respective communities.