Florida Senate - 2014                                    SB 1366
       By Senator Evers
       2-01244-14                                            20141366__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to driver licenses; amending s.
    3         322.27, F.S.; requiring a clerk of court to remove a
    4         habitual traffic offender designation if the offender
    5         meets certain conditions before a certain date;
    6         creating s. 322.276, F.S.; authorizing the Department
    7         of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to issue a driver
    8         license to a person whose license is suspended or
    9         revoked in another state under certain circumstances;
   10         providing an effective date.
   12  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   14         Section 1. Subsection (5) of section 322.27, Florida
   15  Statutes, is amended to read:
   16         322.27 Authority of department to suspend or revoke driver
   17  license or identification card.—
   18         (5)(a) The department shall revoke the license of any
   19  person designated a habitual offender, as set forth in s.
   20  322.264, and such person is not eligible to be relicensed for a
   21  minimum of 5 years from the date of revocation, except as
   22  provided for in s. 322.271. Any person whose license is revoked
   23  may, by petition to the department, show cause why his or her
   24  license should not be revoked.
   25         (b) If a person whose driver license has been revoked under
   26  paragraph (a), as a result of a third violation of driving a
   27  motor vehicle while his or her license is suspended or revoked
   28  which occurred before July 1, 2014, provides proof of compliance
   29  as allowed by s. 318.14(10)(a) before July 1, 2016, the clerk of
   30  court shall submit an amended disposition to remove the habitual
   31  traffic offender designation.
   32         Section 2. Section 322.276, Florida Statutes, is created to
   33  read:
   34         322.276 Out-of-state sanctions; issuance of license.—The
   35  department may, in its discretion, issue a driver license, with
   36  any required restrictions, if the applicant’s driving privilege
   37  or driver license is suspended or revoked in another state for
   38  an offense committed in that state which would not have been
   39  grounds for suspension or revocation of the person’s driving
   40  privilege or driver license in this state.
   41         Section 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2014.