Florida Senate - 2014                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 156
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                  Comm: RCS            .                                
                  03/13/2014           .                                

    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete everything after the enacting clause
    4  and insert:
    5         Section 1. Subsection (5) of section 320.03, Florida
    6  Statutes, is amended to read:
    7         320.03 Registration; duties of tax collectors;
    8  International Registration Plan.—
    9         (5) A fee of $1.25 shall be charged, In addition to the
   10  fees required under s. 320.08, a fee of 50 cents shall be
   11  charged on every license registration sold to cover the costs of
   12  the Florida Real Time Vehicle Information System. The fees
   13  collected shall be deposited distributed as follows: 75 cents
   14  into the Highway Safety Operating Trust Fund, which shall be
   15  used to fund the Florida Real Time Vehicle Information system
   16  and may be used to fund the general operations of the
   17  department, and 50 cents into the Highway Safety Operating Trust
   18  Fund to be used exclusively to fund the system. The only use of
   19  this latter portion of the fee may only be used is to fund the
   20  system equipment, software, personnel associated with the
   21  maintenance and programming of the system, and networks used in
   22  the offices of the county tax collectors as agents of the
   23  department and the ancillary technology necessary to integrate
   24  the system with other tax collection systems. The department
   25  shall administer this program upon consultation with the Florida
   26  Tax Collectors, Inc., to ensure that each county tax collector’s
   27  office is technologically equipped and functional for the
   28  operation of the Florida Real Time Vehicle Information System.
   29  Any of the designated revenue collected to support functions of
   30  the county tax collectors and not used in a given year must
   31  remain exclusively in the trust fund as a carryover to the
   32  following year.
   33         Section 2. Subsection (1) of section 320.04, Florida
   34  Statutes, is amended to read:
   35         320.04 Registration service charge.—
   36         (1)(a) There shall be A service charge of $2.50 shall be
   37  imposed on $5 for each application that which is handled in
   38  connection with original issuance, duplicate issuance, or
   39  transfer of a any license plate, mobile home sticker, or
   40  validation sticker or with transfer or duplicate issuance of a
   41  any registration certificate. This service charge Of that
   42  amount, $2.50 shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund,
   43  and the remainder shall be retained by the department or by the
   44  tax collector, as the case may be, as other fees accruing to
   45  those offices.
   46         (b) There shall also be A service charge of $1 shall also
   47  be imposed $3 for the issuance of each license plate validation
   48  sticker, vessel decal, and mobile home sticker issued from an
   49  automated vending facility or printer dispenser machine. This
   50  service charge, which is payable to the department and. Of that
   51  amount, $1 shall be used to provide for automated vending
   52  facilities or printer dispenser machines that are used to
   53  dispense such stickers and decals by each tax collector’s or
   54  license tag agent’s employee. The remaining $2 shall be
   55  deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
   56         (c) The tax collector may impose an additional service
   57  charge of up to not more than 50 cents on any transaction
   58  specified in paragraph (a) or paragraph (b), or on any
   59  transaction specified in s. 319.32(2)(a) or s. 328.48 if such
   60  transaction occurs at a any tax collector’s branch office.
   61         Section 3. Paragraph (b) of subsection (1) and paragraph
   62  (b) of subsection (3) of section 320.06, Florida Statutes, are
   63  amended to read:
   64         320.06 Registration certificates, license plates, and
   65  validation stickers generally.—
   66         (1)
   67         (b)1. Registration license plates bearing a graphic symbol
   68  and the alphanumeric system of identification shall be issued
   69  for a 10-year period. At the end of the that 10-year period,
   70  upon renewal, the plate shall be replaced. The department shall
   71  extend the scheduled license plate replacement date from a 6
   72  year period to a 10-year period. The fee for such replacement is
   73  $28, $2.80 of which shall be paid each year before the plate is
   74  replaced, to be credited toward towards the next $28 replacement
   75  fee. The fees shall be deposited into the Highway Safety
   76  Operating Trust Fund. A credit or refund may not be given for
   77  any prior years’ payments of the such prorated replacement fee
   78  if the plate is replaced or surrendered before the end of the
   79  10-year period, except that a credit may be given if a
   80  registrant is required by the department to replace a license
   81  plate under s. 320.08056(8)(a). With each license plate, a
   82  validation sticker shall be issued showing the owner’s birth
   83  month, license plate number, and the year of expiration or the
   84  appropriate renewal period if the owner is not a natural person.
   85  The validation sticker shall be placed on the upper right corner
   86  of the license plate. The Such license plate and validation
   87  sticker shall be issued based on the applicant’s appropriate
   88  renewal period. The registration period is 12 months, the
   89  extended registration period is 24 months, and all expirations
   90  occur based on the applicant’s appropriate registration period.
   91  A vehicle that has with an apportioned registration shall be
   92  issued an annual license plate and a cab card that denote the
   93  declared gross vehicle weight for each apportioned jurisdiction
   94  in which the vehicle is authorized to operate.
   95         2. In order to retain the efficient administration of the
   96  taxes and fees imposed by this chapter, the 80 cent fee increase
   97  in the replacement fee imposed by chapter 2009-71, Laws of
   98  Florida, is negated as provided in s. 320.0804.
   99         (3)
  100         (b) An additional fee of 50 cents $1.50 shall be collected
  101  on each motor vehicle registration or motor vehicle renewal
  102  registration issued in this state in order for all license
  103  plates and validation stickers to be fully treated with
  104  retroreflection material. The fee Of that amount, $1 shall be
  105  deposited into the General Revenue Fund and 50 cents shall be
  106  deposited into the Highway Safety Operating Trust Fund.
  107         Section 4. Subsection (4) of section 320.072, Florida
  108  Statutes, is amended to read:
  109         320.072 Additional fee imposed on certain motor vehicle
  110  registration transactions.—
  111         (4) A tax collector or other authorized agent of the
  112  department shall promptly remit 44.5 percent of all moneys
  113  collected pursuant to this section, less any refunds granted
  114  pursuant to subsection (3), to the department. The department
  115  shall deposit 44.5 percent of such moneys to be deposited into
  116  the State Transportation Trust Fund, 14.3 percent. the remaining
  117  55.5 percent shall be deposited into the Highway Safety
  118  Operating Trust Fund, and 41.2 percent into the General Revenue
  119  Fund.
  120         Section 5. Subsections (1), (2), and (3) of section 320.08,
  121  Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
  122         320.08 License taxes.—Except as otherwise provided herein,
  123  there are hereby levied and imposed annual license taxes for the
  124  operation of motor vehicles, mopeds, motorized bicycles as
  125  defined in s. 316.003(2), tri-vehicles as defined in s. 316.003,
  126  and mobile homes, as defined in s. 320.01, which shall be paid
  127  to and collected by the department or its agent upon the
  128  registration or renewal of registration of the following:
  129         (1) MOTORCYCLES AND MOPEDS.—
  130         (a) Any motorcycle: $10 $13.50 flat, of which $3.50 shall
  131  be deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
  132         (b) Any moped: $5 $6.75 flat, of which $1.75 shall be
  133  deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
  134         (c) Upon registration of a any motorcycle, motor-driven
  135  cycle, or moped, there shall be paid in addition to the license
  136  taxes specified in this subsection, a nonrefundable motorcycle
  137  safety education fee in the amount of $2.50 shall be paid. The
  138  proceeds of such additional fee shall be deposited in the
  139  Highway Safety Operating Trust Fund to fund a motorcycle driver
  140  improvement program implemented pursuant to s. 322.025, the
  141  Florida Motorcycle Safety Education Program established in s.
  142  322.0255, or the general operations of the department.
  143         (d) An ancient or antique motorcycle: $7.50 $8.50 flat, of
  144  which $2.50 $3.50 shall be deposited into the General Revenue
  145  Fund.
  147         (a) An ancient or antique automobile, as defined in s.
  148  320.086, or a street rod, as defined in s. 320.0863: $7.50
  149  $10.25 flat, of which $2.75 shall be deposited into the General
  150  Revenue Fund.
  151         (b) Net weight of less than 2,500 pounds: $14.50 $19.50
  152  flat, of which $5 shall be deposited into the General Revenue
  153  Fund.
  154         (c) Net weight of 2,500 pounds or more, but less than 3,500
  155  pounds: $22.50 $30.50 flat, of which $8 shall be deposited into
  156  the General Revenue Fund.
  157         (d) Net weight of 3,500 pounds or more: $32.50 $44 flat, of
  158  which $11.50 shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
  159         (3) TRUCKS.—
  160         (a) Net weight of less than 2,000 pounds: $14.50 $19.50
  161  flat, of which $5 shall be deposited into the General Revenue
  162  Fund.
  163         (b) Net weight of 2,000 pounds or more, but not more than
  164  3,000 pounds: $22.50 $30.50 flat, of which $8 shall be deposited
  165  into the General Revenue Fund.
  166         (c) Net weight more than 3,000 pounds, but not more than
  167  5,000 pounds: $32.50 $44 flat, of which $11.50 shall be
  168  deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
  169         (d) A truck defined as a “goat,” or any other vehicle if
  170  used in the field by a farmer or in the woods for the purpose of
  171  harvesting a crop, including naval stores, during such
  172  harvesting operations, and which is not principally operated
  173  upon the roads of the state: $7.50 $10.25 flat, of which $2.75
  174  shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund. The term A
  175  “goat” means is a motor vehicle designed, constructed, and used
  176  principally for the transportation of citrus fruit within citrus
  177  groves or for the transportation of crops on farms, and which
  178  can also be used for the hauling of associated equipment or
  179  supplies, including required sanitary equipment, and the towing
  180  of farm trailers.
  181         (e) An ancient or antique truck, as defined in s. 320.086:
  182  $7.50 $10.25 flat, of which $2.75 shall be deposited into the
  183  General Revenue Fund.
  184         Section 6. Section 320.0804, Florida Statutes, is amended
  185  to read:
  186         320.0804 Surcharge on license tax; trust funds.—A surcharge
  187  of $2, shall be There is hereby levied and imposed on each
  188  license tax imposed under s. 320.08, except those set forth in
  189  s. 320.08(11), a surcharge in the amount of $4, which shall be
  190  collected in the same manner as the license tax. This surcharge
  191  shall be further reduced to $1.20 on September 1, 2014, in order
  192  to negate the license plate increase of 80 cents imposed by
  193  chapter 2009-71, Laws of Florida. Of this amount, $1 shall be
  194  deposited into the State Transportation Trust Fund, and 20 cents
  195  $1 shall be deposited into the Highway Safety Operating Trust
  196  Fund, and $2 shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
  197         Section 7. Section 320.08046, Florida Statutes, is amended
  198  to read:
  199         320.08046 Juvenile programs surcharge on license tax.—A
  200  surcharge of $1 shall be imposed There is levied on each license
  201  tax imposed under s. 320.08, except those set forth in s.
  202  320.08(11), a surcharge in the amount of $5.50, which shall be
  203  collected in the same manner as the license tax and. Of the
  204  proceeds of each license tax surcharge, $4.50 shall be deposited
  205  into the General Revenue Fund and $1 shall be deposited into the
  206  Grants and Donations Trust Fund in the Department of Juvenile
  207  Justice to fund the juvenile crime prevention programs and the
  208  community juvenile justice partnership grants program.
  209         Section 8. For the purpose of incorporating the amendment
  210  made by this act to section 320.06, Florida Statutes, in a
  211  reference thereto, subsection (4) of section 320.0807, Florida
  212  Statutes, is reenacted and amended to read:
  213         320.0807 Special license plates for Governor and federal
  214  and state legislators.—
  215         (4) License plates purchased under subsection (1),
  216  subsection (2), or subsection (3) shall be replaced by the
  217  department at no cost, other than the fees required under by ss.
  218  320.04 and 320.06(3)(b), when the person to whom the plates have
  219  been issued leaves the elective office with respect to which the
  220  license plates were issued. Within 30 days after leaving office,
  221  the person to whom the license plates have been issued must
  222  apply shall make application to the department for a replacement
  223  license plate. The person may return the prestige license plates
  224  to the department or may retain the plates as souvenirs. Upon
  225  receipt of the replacement license plate, the person may not
  226  continue to display on any vehicle the prestige license plate or
  227  plates issued with respect to his or her former office.
  228         Section 9. (1) The disposition of the biennial license
  229  taxes, fees, and surcharges collected pursuant to s. 320.07,
  230  Florida Statutes, shall occur in accordance with the provisions
  231  of chapter 320, Florida Statutes, in effect at the time the
  232  taxes, fees, and surcharges are collected.
  233         (2) The amendments made by this act do not create a right
  234  to a refund of any taxes, fees, or surcharges collected before
  235  September 1, 2014, for a biennial registration pursuant to s.
  236  320.07, Florida Statutes.
  237         Section 11. This act shall take effect September 1, 2014.
  239  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  240  And the title is amended as follows:
  241         Delete everything before the enacting clause
  242  and insert:
  243                        A bill to be entitled                      
  244         An act relating to motor vehicle license taxes;
  245         amending s. 320.03, F.S.; reducing the amount of the
  246         additional registration fee used to fund the Florida
  247         Real Time Vehicle Information System; amending s.
  248         320.04, F.S.; reducing the service charge imposed on
  249         an application for an original or duplicate license
  250         plate, or specified registration stickers or
  251         certificates; amending s. 320.06, F.S.; providing a
  252         cross-reference to changes made by the act; reducing
  253         the fee for treating license plates and validation
  254         stickers with retroreflection material; amending s.
  255         320.072, F.S.; redistributing the additional fee
  256         collected on certain motor vehicle registration
  257         transactions; amending s. 320.08, F.S.; reducing
  258         license taxes for motorcycles and mopeds, automobiles
  259         or tri-vehicles for private use, and trucks; amending
  260         ss. 320.0804 and 320.08046, F.S.; reducing surcharges
  261         imposed on a license tax; reenacting and amending s.
  262         320.0807(4), F.S., relating to special vehicle license
  263         plates for the Governor and federal and state
  264         legislators, to incorporate the amendment made to s.
  265         320.06, F.S., in a reference thereto; providing for
  266         the disposition of certain taxes taxes, fees and
  267         surcharges collected; prohibiting a refund of any
  268         taxes, fees, or surcharges collected before the
  269         effective date of the act; providing an effective
  270         date.