Florida Senate - 2014                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for SB 358
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                 Floor: WD/2R          .                                
             04/03/2014 05:45 PM       .                                

    1         Senate Amendment 
    3         Delete lines 36 - 63
    4  and insert:
    5         (a)1. Conduct a level 2 background screening pursuant to s.
    6  435.04 of each current and prospective athletic coach. The
    7  authority may not delegate this responsibility to an individual
    8  team and may not authorize any No person shall be authorized by
    9  the independent sanctioning authority to act as an athletic
   10  coach unless a level 2 background screening is has been
   11  conducted and does did not result in disqualification under
   12  paragraph (b). Level 2 background screenings shall be conducted
   13  annually for each athletic coach. For purposes of this section,
   14  a background screening shall include be conducted with a search
   15  of the athletic coach’s name or other identifying information
   16  against state and federal registries of sexual predators and
   17  sexual offenders, which are available to the public on Internet
   18  sites provided by:
   19         a. The Department of Law Enforcement under s. 943.043; and
   20         b. The Attorney General of the United States under 42
   21  U.S.C. s. 16920.
   22         2. For purposes of this section, a background screening
   23  conducted by a commercial consumer reporting agency in
   24  compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act using the
   25  identifying information referenced in subparagraph 1. and that
   26  includes a level 2 background screening and a search of
   27  searching that information against the sexual predator and
   28  sexual offender Internet sites listed in sub-subparagraphs 1.a.
   29  and b. shall be deemed to satisfy in compliance with the
   30  requirements of this paragraph section.
   31         (b) Disqualify any person from acting as an athletic coach
   32  as provided in s. 435.04 or if he or she is identified on a