Florida Senate - 2014                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 396
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                   Comm: WD            .                                
                  03/25/2014           .                                

    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 44 - 79
    4  and insert:
    5  school property. A joint-use agreement must provide for the
    6  indemnification of the district school board by the local
    7  government or by the private organization and require the local
    8  government or private organization to maintain liability
    9  insurance of at least $200,000 per person and $300,000 per
   10  incident to sufficiently cover the indemnification.
   11         (c) Develop and adopt written policies and procedures
   12  providing for an appeal process in which a party seeking to
   13  enter into a joint-use agreement with a school district pursuant
   14  to this section may file an appeal with the district school
   15  superintendent if the negotiations for such joint-use agreement
   16  fail.
   18  Within 30 days after adopting a public access policy or entering
   19  into a joint-use agreement, a district school board shall submit
   20  a copy of the policy or agreement to the Department of
   21  Education.
   22         (3) The Department of Education shall:
   23         (a) Develop a model joint-use agreement and post the model
   24  agreement on its website.
   25         (b) Post on its website links to or copies of all public
   26  access policies and joint-use agreements submitted to the
   27  department by a district school board.
   28         (c) Develop criteria for the acceptance of grants for
   29  implementing joint-use agreements and post the criteria on its
   30  website.
   31         (4)This section does not waive sovereign immunity beyond
   32  the limited waiver in s. 768.28.
   34  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   35  And the title is amended as follows:
   36         Delete lines 8 - 17
   37  and insert:
   38         agreements that meet certain requirements, and to
   39         develop and adopt written policies and procedures for
   40         an appeal process if negotiations for a joint-use
   41         agreement fail; providing duties of district school
   42         boards and the Department of Education; providing an
   43         effective date.