Florida Senate - 2014                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS/CS/HB 7005, 2nd Eng.
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                 Floor: WD/2R          .                                
             05/01/2014 02:32 PM       .                                

       Senator Ring moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Between lines 303 and 304
    4  insert:
    5         Section 2. Paragraph (b) of subsection (3) of section
    6  311.07, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
    7         311.07 Florida seaport transportation and economic
    8  development funding.—
    9         (3)
   10         (b) Projects eligible for funding by grants under the
   11  program are limited to the following port facilities or port
   12  transportation projects:
   13         1. Transportation facilities within the jurisdiction of the
   14  port.
   15         2. The dredging or deepening of channels, turning basins,
   16  or harbors.
   17         3. The construction or rehabilitation of wharves, docks,
   18  structures, jetties, piers, storage facilities, cruise
   19  terminals, automated people mover systems, or any facilities
   20  necessary or useful in connection with any of the foregoing.
   21         4. The acquisition of vessel tracking systems, container
   22  cranes, or other mechanized equipment used in the movement of
   23  cargo or passengers in international commerce.
   24         5. The acquisition of land to be used for port purposes.
   25         6. The acquisition, improvement, enlargement, or extension
   26  of existing port facilities.
   27         7. Environmental protection projects which are necessary
   28  because of requirements imposed by a state agency as a condition
   29  of a permit or other form of state approval; which are necessary
   30  for environmental mitigation required as a condition of a state,
   31  federal, or local environmental permit; which are necessary for
   32  the acquisition of spoil disposal sites and improvements to
   33  existing and future spoil sites; or which result from the
   34  funding of eligible projects listed in this paragraph.
   35         8. Transportation facilities as defined in s. 334.03(30)
   36  which are not otherwise part of the Department of
   37  Transportation’s adopted work program.
   38         9. Intermodal access projects.
   39         10. Construction or rehabilitation of port facilities as
   40  defined in s. 315.02, excluding any park or recreational
   41  facilities, in ports listed in s. 311.09(1) with operating
   42  revenues of $5 million or less, provided that such projects
   43  create economic development opportunities, capital improvements,
   44  and positive financial returns to such ports.
   45         11. Seaport master plan or strategic plan development or
   46  updates, including the purchase of data to support such plans
   47  and asset management plans.
   48         Section 3. Subsection (7) of section 311.101, Florida
   49  Statutes, is amended to read:
   50         311.101 Intermodal Logistics Center Infrastructure Support
   51  Program.—
   52         (7) Beginning in fiscal year 2014-2015, at least 2012-2013,
   53  up to $5 million per year shall be made available from the State
   54  Transportation Trust Fund for the program. The Department of
   55  Transportation shall include projects proposed to be funded
   56  under this section in the tentative work program developed
   57  pursuant to s. 339.135(4).
   58         Section 4. Section 311.103, Florida Statutes, is created to
   59  read:
   60         311.103 Designation of state freight logistics zones.—
   61         (1) As used in this section, the term “freight logistics
   62  zone” means a grouping of activities and infrastructure
   63  associated with freight transportation and related services
   64  within a defined area around an intermodal logistics center as
   65  defined in s. 311.101(2).
   66         (2) A county, or two or more contiguous counties, may
   67  designate a geographic area or areas within its jurisdiction as
   68  a freight logistics zone. The designation must be accompanied by
   69  a strategic plan adopted by the county or counties. At a
   70  minimum, the strategic plan must include, but is not limited to:
   71         (a) A map depicting the geographic area or areas to be
   72  included within the designation.
   73         (b) Identification of the existing or planned freight
   74  facilities or logistics clusters located within the designated
   75  zone.
   76         (c) Identification of existing transportation
   77  infrastructure, such as roads, rail, airports, and seaports,
   78  within or in close proximity to the proposed freight logistics
   79  zone.
   80         (d) Identification of existing workforce availability
   81  within or in close proximity to the proposed zone.
   82         (e) Identification of any existing or planned local, state,
   83  or federal workforce training capabilities available for a
   84  business seeking to locate or expand within the proposed zone.
   85         (f) Identification of any local, state, or federal plans,
   86  including transportation, seaport, or airport plans, concerning
   87  the movement of freight within or in close proximity to the
   88  proposed zone.
   89         (g) Identification of financial or other local government
   90  incentives to encourage new development, expansion of existing
   91  development, or redevelopment within the proposed zone.
   92         (h) Documentation that the plan is consistent with
   93  applicable local government comprehensive plans and adopted
   94  long-range transportation plans of a Metropolitan Planning
   95  Organization, where applicable.
   96         (3) Projects within freight logistics zones designated
   97  pursuant to this section, which are consistent with the Freight
   98  Mobility and Trade Plan developed in accordance with s.
   99  334.044(33), may be eligible for priority in state funding and
  100  incentive programs relating to freight logistics zones,
  101  including applicable programs identified in parts I, III, and V
  102  of chapter 288.
  103         (4) When evaluating projects within a designated freight
  104  logistics zone for purposes of determining funding or incentive
  105  program eligibility under this section, consideration must be
  106  given to:
  107         (a) The presence of an existing or planned intermodal
  108  logistics center within the freight logistics zone.
  109         (b) Whether the project serves a strategic state interest.
  110         (c) Whether the project facilitates the cost-effective and
  111  efficient movement of goods.
  112         (d) The extent to which the project contributes to economic
  113  activity, including job creation, increased wages, and revenues.
  114         (e) The extent to which the project efficiently interacts
  115  with and supports the existing or planned transportation
  116  network.
  117         (f) The amount of investment or commitments made by the
  118  owner or developer of the existing or proposed facility.
  119         (g) The extent to which the county or counties have
  120  commitments with private sector businesses planning to locate
  121  operations within the freight logistics zone.
  122         (h) Demonstrated local financial support and commitment to
  123  the project, including in-kind contributions.
  124         Section 5. Section 311.141, Florida Statutes, is created to
  125  read:
  126         311.141 Florida seaports all-hazards economic recovery and
  127  resumption of trade plan; asset management plan.—
  128         (1) The Department of Transportation, in consultation with
  129  the Division of Emergency Management, the Florida Seaport
  130  Transportation and Economic Development Council, and other
  131  appropriate partners, shall review the need for, and, if needed,
  132  develop, a statewide all-hazards economic recovery and
  133  resumption of trade plan for Florida’s ports, as listed in s.
  134  311.09. The review shall examine existing continuity of
  135  operations plans at the seaports and at other appropriate
  136  agencies and shall identify any gaps or needed linkages to
  137  ensure expedited resumption of business operations following a
  138  major incident at a Florida port. This review shall also examine
  139  current procedures and planning developed pursuant to s. 252.35
  140  to identify any changes needed to ensure appropriate integration
  141  of the plan into statewide emergency management plans.
  142         (2) The Department of Transportation, in consultation with
  143  the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development
  144  Council, shall examine the need for, and possible benefits from,
  145  implementation of a consistent asset management plan at each of
  146  Florida’s ports, as listed in s. 311.09. For the purpose of
  147  achieving statewide transportation and economic development
  148  goals and goals of the seaport’s strategic plan, any asset
  149  management plan developed must identify systematic and
  150  coordinated activities and practices to optimally and
  151  sustainably manage assets and asset systems, and must identify
  152  the associated performance, risks, and expenditures of such
  153  activities over their lifecycles.
  155  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  156  And the title is amended as follows:
  157         Delete lines 2 - 9
  158  and insert:
  159         An act relating to transportation; amending s.
  160         61.13016, F.S.; revising notification requirements
  161         with respect to the suspension of the driver license
  162         of a child support obligor; requiring delinquent child
  163         support obligors to provide certain documentation
  164         within a specified period in order to prevent the
  165         suspension of his or her driver license; amending s.
  166         311.07, F.S.; providing that seaport asset management
  167         plans are eligible for funding from the Florida
  168         Seaport Transportation and Economic Development
  169         Program; amending s. 311.101, F.S.; revising the
  170         amount of funds to be made available annually from the
  171         State Transportation Trust Fund for the Intermodal
  172         Logistics Center Infrastructure Support Program;
  173         creating s. 311.103, F.S.; defining the term “freight
  174         logistics zone”; authorizing a county or two or more
  175         contiguous counties to designate a geographic area or
  176         areas within its jurisdiction as a freight logistics
  177         zone; requiring the adoption of a strategic plan which
  178         must include certain information; providing that
  179         certain projects within freight logistics zones may be
  180         eligible for priority in state funding and certain
  181         incentive programs; providing evaluation criteria for
  182         projects within freight logistics zones; creating s.
  183         311.141, F.S.; requiring certain entities to conduct a
  184         review of continuity of operations plans; authorizing
  185         such entities to develop an all-hazards economic
  186         recovery plan and resumption of trade plan for
  187         seaports; requiring certain entities to review the
  188         need for consistent asset management plans for
  189         seaports; amending s. 316.003, F.S.;