Florida Senate - 2014                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS/CS/HB 7005, 2nd Eng.
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                Floor: 5/AD/2R         .         Floor: SENA5/C         
             05/01/2014 02:44 PM       .      05/02/2014 07:48 PM       

       Senator Ring moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Between lines 1052 and 1053
    4  insert:
    5         Section 21. Subsection (2) of section 320.525, Florida
    6  Statutes, is amended to read:
    7         320.525 Port vehicles and equipment; definition;
    8  exemption.—
    9         (2) Port vehicles and equipment shall be exempt from the
   10  provisions of this chapter which require the registration of
   11  motor vehicles, the payment of license taxes, and the display of
   12  license plates when operated or used within the port facility of
   13  any deepwater port of this state, as listed in s. 403.021(9)(b),
   14  for the purpose of transporting cargo, containers, or other
   15  equipment:
   16         (a) From wharves to storage areas or terminals and return
   17  to wharves within the port; and
   18         (b) From such storage areas or terminals to other storage
   19  areas or terminals within the port; and.
   20         (c) On public roads connecting port facilities of a single
   21  deepwater port, as listed in s. 403.021(9)(b), which are
   22  designated as port district roads for the purpose of
   23  transporting cargo, containers, and other equipment. The
   24  Department of Transportation shall designate port district roads
   25  with appropriate signage.
   27  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   28  And the title is amended as follows:
   29         Delete lines 2 - 102
   30  and insert:
   31         An act relating to transportation; amending s.
   32         61.13016, F.S.; revising notification requirements
   33         with respect to the suspension of the driver license
   34         of a child support obligor; requiring delinquent child
   35         support obligors to provide certain documentation
   36         within a specified period in order to prevent the
   37         suspension of his or her driver license; amending s.
   38         316.003, F.S.; defining the terms “sanitation vehicle”
   39         and “utility service vehicle” for purposes of the
   40         Florida Uniform Traffic Control Law; creating s.
   41         316.0778, F.S.; defining the term “automated license
   42         plate recognition system”; requiring the Department of
   43         State to consult with the Department of Law
   44         Enforcement in establishing a retention schedule for
   45         records generated by the use of an automated license
   46         plate recognition system; amending s. 316.126, F.S.;
   47         requiring a driver to change lanes when approaching a
   48         sanitation or utility service vehicle performing a
   49         service-related task on the roadside; amending s.
   50         316.193, F.S.; authorizing the court to order the
   51         placement of an ignition interlock device for certain
   52         first-time offenders of driving under the influence;
   53         authorizing the court to dismiss an order of
   54         impoundment or immobilization as a result of driving
   55         under the influence if the defendant provides proof to
   56         the court of the installation of a functioning,
   57         certified ignition interlock device; authorizing the
   58         court to order sobriety and drug monitoring in
   59         addition to specified ignition interlock device
   60         requirements; defining terms; amending s. 316.1937,
   61         F.S.; providing requirements for a person otherwise
   62         required to have an installed ignition interlock
   63         device to operate a leased motor vehicle in the course
   64         and scope of employment without installation of such
   65         device; amending s. 316.1938, F.S.; revising
   66         requirements for certification of ignition interlock
   67         devices; requiring contracts between the department
   68         and ignition interlock device service providers;
   69         providing contract requirements; requiring the
   70         provider to maintain confidentiality under specified
   71         provisions; providing for application of specified
   72         provisions; amending s. 316.1975, F.S.; providing that
   73         certain requirements for an unattended vehicle do not
   74         apply to a vehicle that is started by remote control
   75         under certain circumstances; amending s. 316.2126,
   76         F.S.; revising the timeframe for the authorized use of
   77         golf carts, low-speed vehicles, and utility vehicles
   78         related to seasonal delivery personnel; amending s.
   79         316.2952, F.S.; revising a provision exempting a
   80         global position system device or similar satellite
   81         receiver device from the prohibition of attachments on
   82         windshields; amending s. 316.86, F.S.; revising
   83         provisions relating to the operation of vehicles
   84         equipped with autonomous technology on state roads for
   85         testing purposes; authorizing certain research
   86         organizations to operate such vehicles; deleting an
   87         obsolete provision; amending s. 318.15, F.S.;
   88         prohibiting the department from accepting the
   89         resubmission of certain driver license suspensions;
   90         amending s. 318.18, F.S.; providing for a clerk of
   91         court to designate a local governmental entity for
   92         disposition of certain parking citations; authorizing
   93         such entity to retain the processing fee; amending s.
   94         320.02, F.S.; requiring the department to withhold the
   95         renewal of registration or replacement registration of
   96         a motor vehicle identified in a notice submitted by a
   97         lienor for failure to surrender the vehicle; providing
   98         conditions under which a revalidation sticker or
   99         replacement license plate may be issued; amending ss.
  100         320.08056 and 320.08058, F.S.; revising the names of
  101         certain specialty license plates; revising
  102         distribution of revenue received from the sale of a
  103         certain plate; revising requirements for the use of
  104         specialty license plate annual use fees; defining the
  105         term “administrative expenses”; amending s. 320.089,
  106         F.S.; creating a new military-related special use
  107         license plate that will be stamped with the word
  108         “Veteran”; amending s. 320.08062, F.S.; revising audit
  109         and attestation requirements for specialty license
  110         plate organizations and the department; revising
  111         procedures for discontinuance of revenue payments and
  112         deauthorization of a plate; directing the department
  113         to notify the Legislature within a certain timeframe
  114         if an organization has failed to use revenue in
  115         accordance with specified provisions; amending s.
  116         320.083, F.S.; revising the requirements for a special
  117         license plate for certain amateur radio operators;
  118         amending s. 320.1316, F.S.; prohibiting the department
  119         from issuing a license plate, revalidation sticker, or
  120         replacement license plate for a vehicle, or a vessel
  121         registration number or decal for a vessel, identified
  122         in a notice from a lienor; requiring that a notice to
  123         surrender a vehicle or vessel be signed under oath by
  124         the lienor; authorizing a registered owner of a
  125         vehicle or vessel to bring a civil action to dispute a
  126         notice to surrender a vehicle or vessel or his or her
  127         inclusion on the list of persons who may not be issued
  128         a license plate, revalidation sticker, replacement
  129         license plate, or vessel registration number or decal;
  130         providing procedures for such a civil action;
  131         providing for the award of attorney fees and costs;
  132         amending s. 320.525, F.S.; providing that certain
  133         public roads may be designated as port district roads;
  134         requiring the Department of Transportation to
  135         designate such roads with appropriate signage;